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- Action Items: 3G Wikipedia Accuracy Project and If You Don't Have Mandatory Holocaust Education, Demand It!

- Articles: POLAND ~ Poland and the Holocaust, In Defense of Salomon Morel, Rabbi Szpira, a Rare Survivor of the Hell of Belzec,
Remembering the victims of the Ludmilowka Pogram, and Remembering the victims of the Ludmir and Piatidin Pograms
MIDDLE EAST ~ Israel is the Middle East's Only Free Nation, So you want to boycott Israel?, The Displacement of Jews from Arab Countries,
Refuting the claim: "Black migrants are mistreated in Israel", Refuting the claim: "The government of Israel is separate from Jews"
JEWS ~ Understanding the Neturei Karta, Refuting the Khazar Myth: The Strange Intersection of Neo-Nazis and Genetic Genealogy
POLITICS ~ Obama's Unsuccessful Foreign Policy is from the Non-Interventionist School

- Labor and Concentration Camp Memorials: Adampol Labor Camp, Belzec Death Camp, Budzyn Labor Camp, Krasnik
Labor Camp
, Lipowa 7 Special Camp (Lublin), Majdanek Concentration Camp, Sobibor Death Camp, Stutthof Concentration Camp

- Death Marches: Chelm-Hrubieszow-Sokal Death March

- Displaced Persons Camps: Saltzheim (Zeilsheim) DP camp in Frankfurt, Germany

- Genetic Genealogy: E1b1b1c1a Paternal Lineage

- Holocaust Victims: Chelm - Hrubieszow Death March victims; Shoah victims in Lublin district of Poland; Victims from my family;
Jewish partisan victims; Budzyn Labor Camp victims; Stutthof Concentration Camp victims

- Jewish Communities: Lublin District, Poland and Dubno, Ukraine (formerly Poland)

- Jewish Partisan Fighters: Jewish Revolts and Uprisings in the Lublin District, Jewish Partisans from Lublin District,
Sobibor Uprising Survivors, and Song of the Partisans

- Organizations: If You Don't Have Mandatory Holocaust Education, Demand It! and Lasting Memory Foundation of Poland

- Photographs: Southeast Poland Jewish Roots on Facebook

- Resource Guides: Jewish Family Research in Lublin District, Poland and Sephardic Jews in Poland

- Surnames: Index of Direct Ancestral Line Surnames and Index of Other Surnames (Cousins) I am researching.

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