Libertarianism: To Jews

Libertarianism: To Jews

1. Introduction
2. Anti-Semitism in the Libertarian Movement
3. Why Libertarians Should Support Israel
4. Famous Jewish Libertarians
5. Related Links


The Jewish religion stresses the value of individual free will and the choices that come along with it. This fact prompted President
Calvin Coolidge to state, in 1926 to the Jewish community, that the participation of the Jews in the Revolutionary War contributed to "the Jewish faith [being] predominantly the faith of liberty." When Jews celebrate Passover each year, we celebrate liberation from slavery in Egypt. It is a holiday about the celebrating liberty.

Judaism entrusts consequences as our master teacher. In the diaspora, Jews realized that they would have to be constantly on the move as a result of virulent anti-Semitism that seemed to poison much of Europe and the Middle East for most of history. As a result, Jewish families traveled from country to country seeking the freedom to practice their faith. This resulted in a lack of trust of their own governments and tremendous self-sufficiency. This independence has kept Jewish communities alive for centuries.

It is no accident that the founders of Western liberties and free-market capitalism were generally either Jewish or quoted Jewish scriptures approvingly. The Jewish ideal is capitalism (liberty) tempered by charity and sympathy.


In recent years, the libertarian movement has been plagued with a resurgence of antisemitism ushered in by Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, and Thomas Woods. The below articles explain the problem and the solution for libertarians --

Documenting Anti-Semitism in the Libertarian Movement
- Why Have "Libertarians" Aligned with Russia Today?
- Ron Paul, anti-Jewish Propagandist
- Murray Rothbard's Anti-Semitism Exposed
- Understanding the Neturei Karta, Religious Anti-Zionists
- Cato Institute's Anti-Jewish Propaganda Exposed
- What's so enticing about "liberty" to anti-Israel activists?
- Petition to the Libertarian Party to Stop Anti-Semitic Activity
- Libertarian Party Supports Islamic Terrorists
- Shocking Revelation: Reason Magazine's Holocaust Denial
- Anti state or pro-liberty? Some thoughts on Israel


Israel's Borders in International Law (video) by Eugene Kontorovich
- Israel is the Middle East's only free nation
- Land Ownership in Palestine, 1880-1948
- The Legal Status of the State of Israel by Walter Block, et. al.


Historic Jewish Libertarians

Dr. Gary Becker, 1930-2014 (Professor of Economics, University of Chicago; Nobel Prize winner)
* Max Beloff, 1913-1999 (British historian)
* Alan Bock, 1944-2011 (author; editorialist, Orange County Register)
* Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012 (founder,
* David Brudnoy, 1940-2004 (talk radio host; TV commentator; author)
* Ralph de Toledano, 1916-2007 (former editor, The New Leader)
* Aaron Director, 1901-2004 (former Professor of Economics, University of Chicago)
* Elizabeth Fox-Genovese , 1941-2007 (historian)
* Lanny Friedlander, 1947-2011 (founder, Reason Magazine)
* Milton Friedman, 1912-2006 (author; philosopher; economist)
* Dr. Ronald Hamowy, 1937-2012 (former professor of History)
* Irv Homer, 1924-2009 (talk radio host)
* Ze'ev Vladimir Jabotinsky, 1880-1940 (founder, Betar Zionist Group)
* Ludwig Lachmann, 1906-1990 (economist)
* Robert Nozick, 1938-2002 (author; philosopher; economist)
* Dyanne Petersen (former Senior Editor, Laissez Faire Books)
* Ayn Rand, 1905-1982 (author; philosopher)
* David Ricardo, 1772-1823 (economist)
* Irv Rubin, 1945-2002 (former Chairman, Jewish Defense League)
* Aaron Russo, 1943-2007 (2004 Libertarian Presidential contender; Hollywood producer)
* Anna Jacobson Schwartz, 1915-2012 (economist)
* Arthur Seldon, 1916-2005 (former President, Institute of Economic Affairs)
* Julian Simon, 1932-1998 (economist)
* Aaron B. Wildavsky, 1930-1993 (author; professor of Political Science)
* Ludwig Von Mises, 1881-1973 (economist; Nobel Prize winner)
* Aaron Zelman, 1945-2010 (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership)

Notable Jewish Libertarians

* Barbara Amiel (Editor, The Spectator of the UK)
* Cliff Asness (financial analyst)
* Randy E. Barnett, J.D. (author; Professor of Law, Georgetown University)
* Naftali Bennett (Minister of the Economy, Israel)
* Dr. Michael S. Berliner (Ayn Rand Institute)
* Dr. Andrew Bernstein (author; philosopher; objectivist)
* B. Daniel Blatt, J.D. (attorney; screenplay writer)
* Barbara Branden (author; philosopher; lecturer)
* Dr. Nathaniel Branden (author; psychotherapist; psychologist; philosopher)
* Dr. Reuven Brenner (Professor of Economics, McGill University)
* Kevin Brook (author)
* Dr. Yaron Brook (President, Ayn Rand Institute)
* Steve Buckstein (Policy Analyst, Cascade Policy Institute)
* Bob Burg (author; persuasion expert; public speaker)
* Dr. Andrew I. Cohen (Professor of Philosophy, Georgia State University)
* Mark Cuban (Owner, Dallas Mavericks)
* Dr. David Deutsch (author; award-winning physicist; quantum computation pioneer)
* David Draiman (lead singer, Disturbed)
* Dr. Daniel Drezner (Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago)
* Annie Duke (champion poker player)
* Nathalie Elgrably-Levy (economist)
* Larry Ellison (technology guru)
* Dr. Richard A. Epstein (Professor of Law, University of Chicago)
* Moshe Feiglin (Member of Knesset, Israel)
* Arthur Finkelstein (political consultant)
* Ilana Freedman (national security expert)
* Dr. David Friedman (economist; author)
* Patri Friedman (blogger; grandson of Milton Friedman)
* Judith Simon Garrett, J.D. (Asst. General Counsel, U.S. Department of Justice Prisons Bureau)
* Douglas H. Ginsberg, J.D. (U.S. Court of Appeals Judge for Washington, DC)
* Dr. Mimi Reisel Gladstein (author, Feminist Interpretations of Ayn Rand)
* Dr. Shawn Elke Glazer (physician)
* Rich Goldman (Board member, Free State Project)
* David Gold (retired talk radio host, KWRD - Dallas, TX)
* Doris Gordon (founder, Libertarians for Life)
* Alan Gottlieb (founder, Second Amendment Foundation)
* Rep. Daniel Greenberg (former Republican State Representative from Arkansas)
* Jonathan Greenberg (Vice President, Illinois Policy Institute)
* Dr. Joel Grus (Professor of Social Science, California Institute of Technology)
* Dr. Leon T. Hadar (Professor; columnist; fellow, Cato Institute)
* Dr. Abraham Halpern (psychiatrist; former President; American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law)
* David Harsanyi (columnist, Denver Post)
* Gitel Sarah Hesselberg (Administrator, Yeshiva Migdal Torah)
Jonathan Hoenig (hedge fund manager)
* Dr. Irving Louis Horowitz (author; sociologist; Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University)
* Elias Israel (former Chairman, Libertarian Party of Massachusetts)
* Jeff Jacoby (columnist, The Boston Globe)
* Myles B. Kantor (columnist; Editor, Pureplay Press)
* Chaim Karczag (former policy analyst, National Council on Teacher Quality)
* Dan Karlan (Libertarian National Committee member)
* Jeff Katz (radio host)
* Sam Kazman, J.D. (General Counsel, Competitive Enterprise Institute)
* Rabbi Israel Kirzner (economist; author)
* Manuel S. Klausner, J.D. (co-founder, The Reason Foundation)
* Dr. Judith S. Kleinfeld (author & Professor of Psychology, University of Alaska-Fairbanks)
* Rikki Klieman (Court TV anchor)
* Dr. Arnold Kling (Professor of Economics, George Mason University)
* Dr. Alan Charles Kors (Professor of History, Univ. of Pennsylvania; President, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education)
* Richard Kostelanetz (artist, author, and tax resister)
* Hon. Alex Kozinski, J.D. (U.S. Court of Appeals Judge for the Ninth Circuit)
* Edith Kurzweil (Editor, The Partisan Review; Professor of Sociology, Rutgers University)
* Ray Kurzweil (technology guru)
* Geddy Lee (legendary musician; lead vocalist, Rush)
* Frayda Levin (Board of Directors, Club for Growth)
* Dr. Michael Levin (Professor of Philosophy, City College of New York)
* Andy Levy (comedian; co-host, "Red Eye")
* Dr. Jacob T. Levy (Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago)
* Dr. Murray Levy (Professor of Business, Glendale Community College)
* Dr. Robert A. Levy (Senior Fellow, the Cato Institute; Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University)
* Aaron Lewis (singer, Staind)
* Daniel Loeb (hedge fund manager; founder, Third Point LLC)
* Dr. Loren Lomasky (Professor of Philosophy, University of Virginia)
* Dr. Nancy Lord, J.D. (1992 Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential candidate)
* Dr. Zvi Lothane (author; Professor of Psychiatry, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine)
* Donald Luskin (Chief Investment Officer, Trend Macrolytics)
* Dr. Eric Mack (Professor of Philosophy, Tulane University)
* Andre Marrou (1992 Libertarian Party Presidential candidate; former Alaska State Representative)
* Jackie Mason (comedian)
* Jonathan Medved (Israeli entrepreneur)
* Mark Melnick, J.D. (attorney)
* Adam Mosoff (Associate Professor of Law, George Mason University)
* Tonie Nathan (1972 Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential candidate; Electoral vote record holder)
* Carol Newman, J.D. (attorney)
* Michael Ostrolenk (American Association Physicians and Surgeons)
* Grace Paley (poet; author; activist)
* Dr. Amy Peikoff (Visiting Fellow, Chapman University)
* Leonard Peikoff (Ayn Rand heir)
* Samuel Peltzman (Professor of Business, University of Chicago)
* Steven Pinker (Psychologist; Professor)
* Dr. Richard A. Posner (U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Judge; Professor of Law, University of Chicago)
* Burt Prelutsky (columnist; author; political pundit; humorist)
* Hon. Ira J. Raab, J.D., ret. (former New York State Supreme Court Justice)
* Jason Reitman (Hollywood film producer)
* Howard S. Rich (founder, U.S. Term Limits)
* Joan Rivers (comedian)
* Chris Robinson (musician; founder, Black Crowes)
* Arthur Rubin (mathematician)
* Dr. Paul H. Rubin (Professor of Law & Economics, Emory University)
* Ryan Sager (Editor, Wall Street Journal)
* Dr. Jeffrey Satinover (psychiatrist; author; Professor of Social Science, Princeton University)
* Dr. Irwin Savodnik (Professor of Psychiatry, University of Southern California)
* Dr. Jeffrey Schaler (author; psychiatrist; Professor of Justice, Law & Society, American University)
* Ben Scherrey (former Chair, Libertarian Party of Georgia)
* Irwin Schiff (anti-tax activist; author; 1996 Libertarian Presidential contender)
* Peter Schwartz (objectivist author)
* Kay A. Schwarzberg, J.D. (attorney; lecturer; author)
* Bill Schulz (comedian; co-host, "Red Eye")
* Norma Segal (1994 Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate in NY; set a record by receiving over 100,000 votes)
* Ilya Shapiro (Senior Fellow, the Cato Institute)
* Gene Simmons (musician)
* Dr. Rita J. Simon (Professor, American University; President, Women's Freedom Network)
* Dr. Jeffrey A. Singer (Director, Maricopa County Medical Society)
* Gregory Siskind (immigration attorney)
* Dr. Daniel Shapiro (Professor of Philosophy, West Virginia University)
* Dr. Aeon J. Skoble (Professor of Philosophy, Bridgewater State College)
* Dr. Joel B. Slemrod (Professor of Economics, University of Michigan)
* Russell S. Sobel (Professor of Economics, West Virginia University)
* Christina Hoff Sommers (author; Senior Fellow, AEI; Adjunct Professor)
* Ilya Somin, J.D. (Professor of Law, George Mason University)
* Marni Soupcoff, J.D. (columnist; attorney)
* Aaron Starr (former Libertarian National Committee member)
* Hon. Samuel Steiger, ret. (U.S. Congressman, 1967-1977)
* Jeff Steinport (former member, Grand Rapids, Michigan School Board)
* Howard Stern (television personality)
* Dr. Alan Stockman (Professor of Economics, University of Rochester)
* John Stossel (journalist)
* Jacob Sullum (Senior Editor, Reason Magazine)
* Vin Suprynowicz (syndicated columnist; author)
* Dr. Abigail Thernstrom (former member, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights)
* Dr. Arnold Trebach (former Professor of Justice, American University)
* Eugene Volokh, J.D. (Professor of Law, UCLA; blogger)
* Sandi Webb (former member, Moreno Valley, California City Council)
* Jeff Weinstein ("Good Morning Maine" radio host, WLOB - Portland, ME)
* Dan Wiener (Libertarian National Committee member)
* Jarret Wollstein (co-founder, International Society for Individual Liberty)
* Dr. Sandor J. Woren (osteopathic physician)
* Dick Zimmer (former member, U.S. House of Representatives)


Right of Center Jewish Organizations
- Jews for Liberty on Facebook
- Libertarians for Israel


- Why Are So Many Jews Democrats?
- It's Tea Time for Some Jews
- Milton Friedman on Jewish Support for Socialism
- Anti-Semitism: Thrust and Counterthrust
- Big, bad Israel?
- Blame the Jews
- Confront the Axis of Anti-Semitism
- Foaming at the mouth over Israel
- Federal liberty and the Jewish religious tradition
- In Defense of Irv Rubin
- Is Jim Moran an Amalekite?
- Judaism and Religious Liberty
- Kosher Cops: Gov't Enforcement of Kosher Law?
- Libertarians Remember Sobibor
- Libertarians Remember Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
- Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness: Is it good for the Jews?
- Making Sense of Jewish Stereotypes
- Man of Steele: Anti-Semitic Pollution
- Nature of the Jewish State
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- Self-Censoring Jews
- Sex, Drugs, Jews, and Rock 'n' Roll
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