The Belzec Remembrance Project: List of the SS Men

Belzec, one of the most deadly of the concentration camps, was set up to enact Hitler's "Final Solution" to the "Jewish Problem".

Below is a list of the S.S. men (Lista SS-Sonderkommando Belzec) at the Belzec Death Camp. Additional information
about them can be found here. Those who died prior to 1950 have a notation after their name with their cause
of death. Those without any comment below survived without receiving any significant punishment for their crimes.

Those followed by a double asterisk (**) are still missing today.

Please contact us if you have any added information.

Editor's Note: After reading about these S.S. men, it is important to point out the worst of the below group according to eyewitness
testimony. As there is only one survivor who himself wrote his testimony, the eyewitness testimony is very limited. All of these men
were very bad and most were sadists. A few went above and beyond in brutality, cruelty, inhumanity, and sadism. They were: Christian
Wirth, Gottfried Schwarz, Josef Oberhauser, Lorenz Hackenholt, Reinhold Feiks (listed incorrectly in Rudolf Reder's testimony as
"Felix Reinold"), Rudolf Gockel, Paul Groth, Fritz Jirmann (Irrman), Hans Schmidt from Latvia, and Gustav Wagner. Feiks (Feix)
was transferred to the Budzyn Labor Camp. Groth and Wagner mostly worked at Sobibor camp. According to Rudolf Reder,
Schmidt the Latvian "derived great satisfaction from murdering innocent people". Lorenz Hackenholt was a brute who had no friends,
even among the Germans. He was responsible for the gas chamber construction and operations and thus responsible for 500,000+
Jewish deaths at Belzec. Rudolf Gockel, a fat old German, oversaw the train station at Belzec and was therefore responsible for
the half a million souls who exited those trains. After exiting the trains, prisoners heard a speech delivered by Fritz Irrman. His
job was to convince them, like Hermann Michel at Sobibor, that they would be taking a shower to keep the "labor camp" clean.
The shower was actually the gas chambers. The speech was delivered over and over again, each time to murder a new group of
thousands. Irman, Schmidt, and Schwartz were responsible for beating the vice-chairman of the Judenrat in Zamosc, Azriel Szeps, to
death. The beating went on for hours. Per testimony, "The SS laughed and mocked him; 'Behold this is an important man, a prince
among the Jews'," they sneered. "They pushed the victim against a wall and whipped him all over his body, especially his head/face."

Belzec S.S.

Nazis at Belzec

Those in BOLD were stationed at the camp for a period of more than one year.
Little to no information is known about those in ITALICS.

1. Christian Wirth - killed by Jewish partisans
2. Gottlieb Hering - died of illness
3. Gottfried Schwarz (Schwartz) - killed in Italy in 1944
4. Johann Niemann - killed at Sobibor
5. Josef Oberhauser - 15 years imprisonment
6. Lorenz Hackenholt**
7. Max Baumann**
8. Rudolf "Rudi" Bar (Baer)**
9. Heinrich Barbl (Barbel)**
10. Johann Bender**
11. Werner Borowski - likely killed
12. Arthur Dachsel**
13. Werner Karl Dubois - 3 years imprisonment
14. Reinhold Feix
15. Gustav Fereleng**
16. Erwin Fichtner - killed by partisans at Tarnowatka
17. Herbert Floss - killed by Ukrainian guards at Zawadowka
18. Kurt Franz - life imprisonment
19. Erich Fuchs - 4 years imprisonment
20. Kurt Gerstein - died in 1945
21. Hans Girtzig**
22. Heinrich Gley
23. Rudolf Gockel (Goeckel) - 3 years imprisonment
24. Siegfried Graetschus - killed at Sobibor
25. Max Karl Gringers - killed by partisans in Italy in 1944
26. Paul Groth**
27. Willi Hausler**
28. Fritz Hirsche - committed suicide in 1945
29. Fritz Jirmann (Irrman) - shot by fellow S.S. by accident
30. Robert Emil Juhrs
31. Rudolf Kamm**
32. Otto Kielminsky (Kleminsky/Kilminski)**
33. Walter Kloss (Klos) - killed at Majdanek
34. Friedrich Fritz Kraschewski**
35. Friedrich Lorent
36. Willy Matzig
37. Hans Pienkowski**
38. Paul Rost
39. Ernst Franz Schemmel - died in 1943
40. Karl Schiffner**
41. Karl Alfred Schluch
42. Alexander Schwab/Szwab (Soviet POW)**
43. Inga Schmidt (typist)**
44. Erich Sporleder**
45. Franz Suchomel
46. Friedrich "Fritz" Tauscher - committed suicide in 1965
47. Richard Thomalla - executed by Russian Secret Service
48. Heinrich Unverhau
49. Josef Erich Vallaster - killed at Sobibor
50. Gustav Wagner
51. Hans Wagner**
52. Bernhard Wallerang - killed
53. Albert Widmann - 6 years imprisonment
54. Ivan Edward Wlasiuk/Vlasyk** (Ukrainian)
55. Hans Zanker**
56. Ernst Zierke
57. Eduard Orliewski
58. Friedrich Schnieder (Volksdeutsche)

Rudolf Reder, a survivor of the death camp, testified that the following guards were also there:

59. Erich Bauer - life imprisonment
60. Heinz or Hans Christian Schmidt (Volksdeutsche) - committed suicide
.... (Schmidt was from Latvia and was in charge of the Sonderkommando)

Froim Farber, who escaped from Belzec Labor Camp (before it was turned into a Death Camp), recalls:

61. Hermann Dolp - killed before 1946
62. Franz Bartzetzko - killed before 1946

Polish nationals:

1. Gregorz Preczony
2. Jakub Systola
3. Michal Wonk
4. Jakub Wysota

Ethnic Germans (Volksdeutsche):

1. Iwan Bartels
2. Ivan Bender
3. Albert Braun
4. Heinrich Dalke
5. Michal Huber
6. Adolf Jeschke
7. Mitrofan Klotz
8. Adolf Kolonko
9. Emil Jemielian Kostenko
10. Samuel Kunz
11. Peter Oster
12. Franz Pamin
13. Alexander Prus
14. Heinrich Rohle
15. unknown Rosenholz
16. Wasilij Schuller
17. Aleksander Schultz
18. Wilhelm Schwarzkopf**
19. Karol Wilhelm Trautwein

Trawnikis at Belzec. From l-r: Trautwein, Samuel, Rosenholz, unidentified, Kunz, two more unidentified.

Ukrainian Guards:

1. Peter Aleksejev
2. Weniamin Anajev
3. Boris Babin
4. Wasil Bialakow
5. Wasyl Bulji
6. Iwan Bytchkow
7. Iwan Chabarow
8. Karl Jakovlevits Diner
9. Iwan Franko
10. Michail Grenjuk
11. Wassilij Grobelnyj
12. Wassilij Gruntchenko
13. Wasyl Gruzin
14. Timofiej Gurch
15. Vasyl Huleyt (Hutyt)
16. Ivan Huzij
17. Stefan Jadziol
18. Wladimir Jemelianow
19. Boris Kolisyn
20. Jakow Koresor
21. Michail Korshnikow
22. Kyril Kostenko
23. Boris Kotychin
24. Mikolay Kozende
25. Ivan Kozlowski
26. Timofiej Krawcow
27. Ivan Kuczercha
28. Wasyl Kulychin
29. Nikolaj Leontiew
31. Grigorij Linkin
32. Petro Litus
33. Grigorij Logwinow
34. Nikolay Petrovich Malagon
35. Nikita Mamtchura
36. Nikolay Matwijenko
37. Anastazij Mawrodij
38. Salygula Motygulan
39. Grigorij Nesmejan - deserted the camp
40. Ivan Nikoforov
41. Vasily Orlovski
42. Franz Pamin
43. Nikolai Antonevitch Pavli - 25 years imprisonment
44. Iwan Pawlow
45. Grygori Peczenyt
46. Alexey Pietka
47. Genrikh Pitnowij
48. Michal Pocholenko
49. Wasyl Podienko (Prochenko/Podionak)
50. Michal Polenko
51. Wasyl Popow
52. Konstantin Primjak
53. Wasyl Prochenko
54. Dimitri Prochin
55. Kiril Prochorenko
56. Dmitrij Pundik
57. Boris Rogoza
58. Arnold Rosenko
59. Viktor Sabat
60. Iwan Walentin Sagriabejev
61. Dmytro Sawchuk
62. Aleksander Semigiedow
63. Timofiej Sidortchuk
64. Alexander Simionow
65. Peter Stepanow
66. Nikolaj Stetczenko
67. Wasyl Szacholij
68. Iwan Szissoj
69. Dimitri Szpak
70. Porfiry Szpak
71. Iwan Tichonowski
72. Dmitrij Timoshkin
73. Wasyl Tribenko
74. Alexander Twerdochlib
75. Edward Ivan Vlasyk (Wlasiuk) (photo)
... Gassing mechanic; the assistant of Hackenholt in the gassing barracks.
76. Fiodor Wedryhan
77. Petro Wedryhan
78. Ivan Werdenik
79. Wasyl Woloszyn
80. Viktor Wowk
81. Iwan Zajczew
82. Ivan Zuk
83. Nikolaj Zukanow

The above people were called "Trawnikis at Belzec". Other unidentified guards:

Additional personnel who served at Belzec are listed here.