Estimated Pre-WWII Jewish Population - Lublin District

The Lublin district of Poland was the center of Jewish life and had a high concentration of religious
(orthodox/Hasidic) Jews. According to the 1931 census of Poland, Lublin district had 314,340 Jews.
In the nearby Wolyn district (modern Ukraine), there were 207,792 in the same census.

In the Lublin district, there were more than 115 Jewish communities that had a Jewish population of
more than 100 Jews each, prior to 1939. The following communities in the Lublin district had a pre-
Holocaust Jewish population. Please note that in many cases these are estimates, as most of Lublin's
Jews were murdered in the Holocaust. This is not an all-inclusive listing because records for the
smaller communities were destroyed during the Shoah.

The below listing does not include communities north of Adamow, Koden, Lomazy, Radzyn Podlaski,
and Ryki. Therefore Biala Podlaska Siedlce, Terespol, and Lukow are not included in the listing.

Community Name
Community Estimated
Pre-war Jewish Population
Estimated Number of Shoah
Survivors from Community
Abramowka (Abramowice)
No survivors
Adamow~650 Jews2 survivors
2 survivors
Annopol1,250-1,400 Jews30 survivors
Andrzejow (near Kamien)
No survivors
Baranow1,100 Jews No survivors
Bekiesza (near Cycow)
No survivors
Belzec100 Jews10 survivors
Belzyce 2,100 Jews35 survivors
Berajow35 Jews No survivors
No survivors
Bilgoraj4,596 Jews40 survivors
Biskupice250-600 JewsNo survivors
(near Tarnogrod)
No survivors
Blinow25 Jews1 survivor
Bobrowniki200 JewsNo survivors
Borowica10 JewsNo survivors
Brzeznica35 JewsNo survivors
Bukow (near Sawin)30 JewsNo survivors
Bussowno (Busowno)15 JewsNo survivors
Bychawa2,459 Jews50 survivors
Bystrzyca5 JewsNo survivors
No survivors
Chelm15,500 Jews525 survivors
No survivors
Chodel750-950 Jews10 survivors
(near Janow Lubelski)
123 Jews1 survivor
Chutcze (near Sawin)100 JewsNo survivors
Chylin (near Wierzbica)
No survivors
Cycow181 JewsNo survivors
Czemierniki1,000 Jews1 survivor
Debinie45 JewsNo survivors
Deblin3,100-3,500 Jews55 survivors
Dorohusk430 JewsNo survivors
Dratow (near Leczna)
No survivors
Drewnik (near Lubartow)
No survivors
Dubeczno400-650 Jews1 survivor
Dubienka2,500 Jews15 survivors
No survivors
Fajslawice150 JewsNo survivors
Firlej167-250 Jews5 survivors
Frampol1,500-2,500 Jews15 survivors
Garbow100-125 Jews1 survivor
No survivors
Glusk400-500 Jews6 survivors
(near Pulawy)
30 JewsNo survivors
Goraj700 Jews15 survivors
Gorka Lubartowska15 JewsNo survivors
Gorzkow500-800 Jews7 survivors
Grabowiec2,356-2,500 Jews15 survivors
Hola30 JewsNo survivors
Holeszow118 Jews1 survivor
Holowno23 Jews2-3 survivors
Horodlo1,000 Jews23 survivors
No survivors
Hrubieszow11,750 Jews176 survivors
Husynne50 JewsNo survivors
Izbica4,000-6,000 Jews35 survivors
Janowiec~360 JewsNo survivors
Janow Lubelski3,500-5,000 Jews20 survivors
Jarczow250-400 Jews2 survivors
(near Hrubieszow)
No survivors
No survivors
Jeziorzany~250 JewsNo survivors
Jozefow, Chelm County6 JewsNo survivors
Jozefow Ordynacki2,800 Jews10-30 survivors
Jozefow nad Wisla800-1,000 Jews
Kamionka556 Jews2 survivors
Kanie20 JewsNo survivors
Karczmiska (near Opole Lubelski)
No survivors
Kaznow (near Ostrow Lubelski)10 JewsNo survivors
Kazimierz Dolny2,500 Jews5 survivors
Kijany (near Spiczyn)50 JewsNo survivors
No survivors
Kock2,300 Jews8 survivors
No survivors
Koden525-800 JewsNo survivors
Kodeniec125 JewsNo survivors
Kolacze50 Jews1-2 survivors
Komarow2,000-3,000 Jews10 survivors
Komarowka Podlaska500-700 Jews2 survivors
Konskowola750-1,200 Jews5 survivors
Konstantynow700-1,200 Jews5 survivors
(near Zbereze)
No survivors
Krasnobrod1,200-1,800 Jews35 survivors
Krasnik5,000-5,500 Jews329 survivors
No survivors
Krasnystaw 2,200 Jews 40 survivors
Krasniczyn500 JewsNo survivors
(near Swidnik)
No survivors
Krylow750-1,000 Jews25 survivors
(near Tomaszow Lubelski)
No survivors
Krzeszow250-500 Jews10 survivors
Kurow1,800-2,000 Jews25 survivors
Labunie25 JewsNo survivors
Laszczow1,500-2,500 Jews7 survivors
Leczna2,300-2,600 Jews10 survivors
Liszno45 JewsNo survivors
(near Dolhobyczow)
50 JewsNo survivors
Lomazy1,000 Jews1 survivor
Lopiennik Gorny
No survivors
Lubartow3,411 Jews32 survivors
6 survivors
Lublin42,500 Jews2,000 survivors
Lubycza Krolewska~600 JewsNo survivors
(near Tarnogrod)
50-100 JewsNo survivors
Lukowek (near Sawin)
No survivors
Luta20 JewsNo survivors
Lysobyki (near Jeziorzany)
No survivors
Majdan Tatarski
No survivors
Marianka50 Jews 3 survivors
Markuszow2,000 Jews25 survivors
Matczyn (near Belzyce)
No survivors
Miaczyn50 JewsNo survivors
Michow1,700-2,000 Jews6 survivors
Modliborzyce1,200 Jews5 survivors
Mokre10 JewsNo survivors
Mosty Male
No survivors
Mszanne (near Uhrusk)30 JewsNo survivors
Naleczow250-400 Jews3 survivors
Niedzwica Duza
No survivors
Niedzwice Koszielna
No survivors
Nielisz20 JewsNo survivors
Niemce125 JewsNo survivors
Niewirkow20 JewsNo survivors
Nowy Dwor (near Wysokie)20 JewsNo survivors
Nowy Orzechow25 JewsNo survivors
Obrowiec 9 Jews2 survivors
Opatow5,200 Jews100 survivors
Opole Lubelski7,000 Jews5 survivors
Orchowek 27 JewsNo survivors
No survivors
Ostrow Lubelski1,994 Jews
Parczew5,000 Jews~200 survivors
Pawlow50 JewsNo survivors
Piaski (near Wola Uhruska)35 JewsNo survivors
Piaski Luterskie4,165 Jews20-35 survivors
Pilaszkowice 10 JewsNo survivors
Plosko 10 JewsNo survivors
No survivors
No survivors
Potok Stany25 JewsNo survivors
Potok Wielki25 Jews3 survivors
No survivors
Pulawy 3,600-3,700 Jews30 survivors
Rachanie80 JewsNo survivors
Radzanow (near Sawin)20 JewsNo survivors
Radzyn Podlaski4,000 Jews50 survivors
Rejowiec2,500-3,500 Jews75 survivors
Rossosz~250 JewsNo survivors
No survivors
Rozkopaczew 45 JewsNo survivors
Ruda Huta~250 JewsNo survivors
Ruda Opalin25 JewsNo survivors
Rudka75 JewsNo survivors
No survivors
Rybczewice20 JewsNo survivors
Ryki3,000-4,000 Jews35 survivors
No survivors
Sawin882 Jews19 survivors
Sernicki (near Lubartow)45 JewsNo survivors
Serock (near Firlej)10 JewsNo survivors
Serokomla 250 JewsNo survivors
Siedliska 100 JewsNo survivors
Siedliszcze1,000-1,500 Jews7 survivors
Sielec~250 JewsNo survivors
Siennica Rozana150 Jews1 survivor
Sitaniec60 JewsNo survivors
Skierbieszow 100-150 JewsNo survivors
Skorodnica15 Jews4 survivors
Skryhiczyn150-300 JewsNo survivors
Slawatycze900-1,300 Jews5 survivors
Sobibor40 JewsNo survivors
Sobieska Wola
(near Bychawa)
No survivors
Sobolew15 JewsNo survivors
Sosnowica 300 Jews3 survivors
Stara Wies
(near Krasnystaw)
No survivors
Staroscin10 Jews1 survivor
Stary Brus (Woloskowola)4 Jews1 survivor
Stary Orzechow
1 survivor
Stare Zalucze (near Cycow)
No survivors
Staw25 JewsNo survivors
Stezyca125 JewsNo survivors
(near Bialopole)
No survivors
Strzyzow60 JewsNo survivors
Studzianki45 JewsNo survivors
Suchodoly 75 JewsNo survivors
Sulow18 JewsNo survivors
Swidnik10 Jews1 survivor
Swierze800 Jews1 survivor
Swierszczow25 JewsNo survivors
(near Janow Lubelski)
10 JewsNo survivors
Szczebrzeszyn3,000-4,000 Jews
Szumow (near Kurow)
No survivors
Syczyn (near Wierzbica)
No survivors
Tarlo (near Niedzwiada)40 JewsNo survivors
Tarno (near Wierzbica) 25 JewsNo survivors
Tarnogrod2,515 Jews60 survivors
Tarnogora100-200 JewsNo survivors
Tarzymiechy (near Izbica)
No survivors
Tomaszow Lubelski5,669 Jews49 survivors
Trawniki100 Jews1 survivor
No survivors
No survivors
Turobin1,400 Jews5 survivors
Turno3 JewsNo survivors
Tyszowce3,800 Jews32 survivors
Uchanie 1,161 Jews20 survivors
Uhnin10 Jews17 survivors
Uhrusk100 JewsNo survivors
No survivors
Urzedow509 Jews4 survivors
Ustilug3,000 Jews5 survivors
Wanda (near Wierzbica)
No survivors
No survivors
Wawolnica1,000-1,200 JewsNo survivors
Weglinek10-15 JewsNo survivors
Wereszczyn100 Jews1 survivor
Werbkowice75 JewsNo survivors
Wierzbica150-200 Jews4 survivors
(near Radzyn Pod.)
950 Jews5 survivors
Wlodawa5,650 Jews173 survivors
Wohyn1,025 JewsNo survivors
Wojslawice1,000-1,200 Jews23 survivors
Wola Czolnowska
No survivors
Wola Uhruska20 JewsNo survivors
Wola Wereszczynska
No survivors
No survivors
Wolka Cycowska
No survivors
Wolka Kanska32 JewsNo survivors
Wolka Okopska
No survivors
Wolka Rokicka35 JewsNo survivors
Wytyczno50 JewsNo survivors
Wyryki20 Jews4 survivors
Wysokie Lubelskie350-550 Jews7 survivors
Zagrody14 JewsNo survivors
Zaklikow2,000 Jews25 survivors
Zakrzew~50 Jews1 survivor
Zakrzowek675 Jews13 survivors
Zamosc12,000-15,000 Jews204 survivors
Zarzecze100 JewsNo survivors
Zagozdz (near Baranow)
No survivors
Zahajki25 Jews4 survivors
Zaliszcze10 Jews5 survivors
Zalucze (near Bychawa)
No survivors
Zamek Modliborzycki212 JewsNo survivors
Zamolodycze50 JewsNo survivors
Zastawie9 JewsNo survivors
(near Wola Uhruska)
No survivors
Zdzilowice100 Jews1 survivor
Zezulin30 JewsNo survivors
Ziolkow (near Spiczyn)35 JewsNo survivors
Zolkiewka1,500-1,800 Jews15 survivors
No survivors
Zosinek (near Chodel)
No survivors
Zyrzyn (near Pulawy)
No survivors
Zwierzyniec1,000 JewsNo survivors

Total from the above (prewar Jewish population in Lublin district): Approx. 256,361 Jews

Total population of Holocaust survivors: Approx. 4,937

Missing population data for ~50 of these destroyed Jewish communities.


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