Cousins Discovered Through Genealogy Research

I have discovered some really amazing cousin connections over the last fifteen years of genealogical research. I thought I would put a page together focusing just on the cousins I found.

In addition to the "famous" connections I have found (German showman-eye doctor Johannes Andreas Eisenbarth, Olympic wrestler Ed Don George, MaryKnoll priest Father George Hirschboeck, "32nd Division March" song composer Theodore Steinmetz, international humanitarian Sister Mary Mercy, former Dean of the Medical College of Wisconsin John S. Hirschboeck, Major League Baseball umpires John Hirschbeck and Mark Hirschbeck, former Minnesota Twins outfielder J.T. Bruett, and actor Michael Biehn from the movie Terminator and the TV show Hillstreet Blues), I also have discovered the following "common" cousins.

I would not have known about these connections had I not been pursuing genealogy.


* Ariadna Cymet of Chicago, granddaughter of Abraham Cymet, my grandfather Judah Biterman's first cousin. Ariadna and I are third cousins.

* Shmuel Bialy of Israel, whose grandfather Chaskiel Czesner was the brother of my great-grandmother Chana Czesner. Shmuel and I are second cousins, once removed.

* Miri Shahaf Levi of Israel, whose grandfather Avraham Shlomo Golomb was the nephew of my great-grandmother Sara Golomb Biterman. Miri and I are third cousins.

* Annette Keen of New York, distant cousin from the family Szok. Annette and I share the common ancestors Herszek Szok and Aydla Kac from Krasnystaw, Poland, dating back to the early 1800s.


* Raymond Pecher, whose grandfather Wenzel Pecher was the brother of my great-great-grandmother Katharina Pecher. He and I are second cousins, twice removed.

* Karen L. Kolb of New York, who shares the common ancestors Peter Kolb and Catherine Lux of Riedseltz, France with me. Peter and Catherine lived from around 1750 to 1800. Karen is my fifth cousin, once removed.

* Marko Vidic in Slovenia, whose great-grandmother Kristina Vehovar was the sister of my great-great-grandmother Antonia Vehovar from Slovenia. Marko and I are second cousins, once removed.

* Bob Pritzl, whose ancestor Wolfgang Pritzl was the brother of my ancestor Anna Pritzl. Our common ancestors Johannes Pritzl and Anna Maria Pirzl lived throughout the late 1700s into the early 1800s.

* Mike Rafenstein, whose third great-grandfather Peter Rafenstein married my third great-grandmother Gertrude Kaiser's sister Franziska Kaiser. Mike and I share the common ancestors Gerard Kayser and his wife Anna Sybilla Reimer, who lived throughout the 1800s. Mike and I are fifth cousins.

* Rob Hirschboeck, who shares the common ancestors Sebastian and Anna Maria Meyer Hirschboeck with me. Rob and I are third cousins, twice removed.

* Alexa Roettger in Germany and I share common ancestors from the 1600s, Heinrich Scheben and his wife Girtgen Putz. I am descended from their son Godefridus Scheven and Alexa is descended from their daughter Anna. This makes us eighth cousins, once removed.

My grandpa with his cousin Raymond Pecher in 2003. They had never met until this meeting!


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