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Pronunciation: Sitz-ov

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Cycow is a village in Leczna County, Lublin Voivodeship, in eastern Poland. It is 19 km. east of
Leczna and 41 km. east of the regional capital Lublin. In 1564, the village had 26 families.
In the 18th and 19th centuries, the village was known for its production of knit fabric.
In 1827, the village of Cycow had 52 houses and 257 inhabitants. At the end of the 19th century,
Cycow had a mill. At that time, linen and flax cultivation were the main occupations of the residents.

In 1921, the religious division in the village was as follows: the largest group was evangelicals (321
people), followers of the Mosaic religion (181 people), Orthodox Christian (175 people) and Catholic (174).

Community members included: B. Kister, midwife; P. Cyngiel, R. Brand, D. Pilicer and Sz. Pilicer
were store owners. The cattle trade was made by A. Celnik, D. Szpiro and Z. Sznajderman. M. Hering
had a candy shop. Poultry was dealt with by Migdal. [Word not translated correctly] was run by Ch.
Sztrajcher. Graneries were possessed by M. Niski and D. Pilicer. The horse trade was done by
Sz. Bajtelman, I. Wertman, and Grynszpan and Rochman. Tailors in town were J. Goldwaser and
J. Szymel. A mill was owned by by L. Zonenberg. The dairy shop was owned by Ch. Handelsman.
N. Nizki on D. Pilicer dealt with oil production. Bakeries were owned by K. Keller. Stores with different
goods were owned by Ch. Bronswajg, D. Pilicer, I. Pilicer, R. Szuchman. The butchers included:
L. Boleslawski, J. Chlasciak, W. Hanschol, I. Heryng and W. Stopura. And Sz. Rojtholc had an [unclear
position]. There were numerous grocery stores owned by R. Brand, M. Gildmer, A. Grudnia, Sz. Hering,
J. Iwaniuk, P. Kliniuka, P. Stopy, B. Szpiro, B. Wertman and W. Zawadzki. The Cycow windmill was
owned by A. Loksztajn. The iron shop was owned by Z. Blusztajn.

The community belonged to the kehilla in Siedliszcze. The Jewish population played a significant role
in the economic development of the center. When the German occupation started, a number of
escapees from other centers arrived in Cycow, so that the number of the village's Jewish inhabitants
grew to 465. On May 25-30, 1942, all of the Jews were deported to the gas chambers at Sobibor.

The Jewish community ceased to exist.

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No photos exist of the Cycow Jewish community. This is a photo of the S.S. men in Cycow, with some
of their victims. Nazis who murdered the Jews of Cycow included: unknown Benke, Otto Brandenburg,
unknown Gullhorn, unknown Hayzek, Otto Kanwischer, Paul Kindler, unknown Kirschner, Erwin Kramer,
Adolf Lowe, unknown Lorenc, Gottfried Schmidt, unknown Wanut, and unknown Winkowski.

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