Death March Victims - Chelm and Hrubieszow

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"All roads lead to Chelm,
All the world is one big Chelm
- Isaac Bashevis Singer

In December, 1939 the Nazi murderers rounded up Jews in Chelm first, and then Hrubieszow, and in towns on the way. The number of people on this march probably was more than 2,000. Of those 2,000, we can only identify on these pages 37 from Chelm and 70 from Hrubieszow and 3 from a nearby village. If you can help identify more, please do ... so they may be remembered.

Some of the names of the Nazi murderers from Chelm and Hrubieszow are listed here.

From Hrubieszow to Dolhobyczow was a trek of 21 miles. At the village of Dolhobyczow, these Jewish residents were divided into two groups and forced to march to either Sokal (16 miles) or Belz (17 miles) in bitter, freezing temperatures. The borders were policed by the Soviet Army, and they refused to let anyone cross in to Ukraine. The horrors of the Death March are documented here.

This page seeks to memorialize as many victims of the Death March as we can document. Because there were so few survivors, it is very difficult to document who the victims were. There is a monument on the Chelm-Hrubieszow road, near the village of Busno, for 150 Jews who were murdered in the area. We remember the victims of the Chelm-Hrubieszow Death March. Zachor - WE REMEMBER.

The spellings of the names of the victims are approximations. If you are aware of an additional victim, please contact us.

DEATH MARCH VICTIMS - CHELM.Alphabetical order by surname
(unknown) Achtman (possibly Berek), who worked with the notary publicMotel Bakalczyk (of Lubliner Street) Moshe Cwiling
Aba Feldmus, photographer with long hair(unknown) Fryd, bookkeeper (unknown) Gamulke, former lieutenant in the Polish army
Szlema Gluzberg, textile merchant
Symcha Goldenzon, farmer
(unknown) Grunwald & son of Grunwald, age 22
Berel Guterman, tailorAvraham Helfer, apothecary storehouse Yitzhak Iwry, dentist
Shmuel Kac (from Siedliszcze), possibly a rabbi with 6 childrenDawid Kornfeld Yehoshua Lewenstajn, iron merchant
Yitzchak Lewenstajn, iron merchantYosef Lewenstajn, iron merchant Leibl Lewensztajn (possibly the son of Berele)
Menasha Mandelbaum, gravestone engraverSon of Menasha Mandelbaum Ephraim Meller, import business on Lubelska Street near the hill
Son of Ephraim Meiler, age 15Chona Nisenbaum, son of the rabbi Srul Yisrael Oks (see also: here), doctor
(unknown) Palewski (possibly Israel) Fajwel Rozenblat Yakov Rozenblat
Moshe Rozenbaum's brotherYoel Rozenknopf Bentzion Salon
Motele StolierLeibl Szajdwajser Pinchas Szajdwajser
Yitzhak Szlechter (from France)Abram Aron Szajn, alderman Itshe Sznicer, apothecary storehouse
Chaim Itshe Szpader, butcherPesach Tenenbaum Yakov Tenenbaum
Yakov Trajst, son of BajlaDr. Dawid WolbergerMoshe Wilder
Hirsz Wolcer (or Welczer)*, textile merchant (unknown) Zajdenfeld, tailorYakov Yehoshua
Aron Josef Wajnsztok's sister's sonBerele's son, the owner of the hotelMoshe Chaim Rozenfeld
Jankiel Brilliant, baker(unknown) Sekulow, dentistShimeon Zajdardem
Gecl MeierAharon GrinmanYitzhak Goldman
Avraham Goldman (his son)
Dr. Feldman

*Submitted data to Yad Vashem about the death date or location is inaccurate.

DEATH MARCH VICTIMS - HRUBIESZOWMurdered while being deported to the borderAlphabetical order by surname
Mate Ajzen, oil merchantFajbusz Asyg (Eizig), butcher Jsaschar Beker, corn merchant
Szlomo Berger, advocateLajb Berman, fancy goods merchant Hirsz Blumencwejg, teacher
Hirsz Boymel, goose merchantIsaschar Chajm, cantor
Israel Cukierman, bookkeeper
Surka DaitchMendel Deich (Deutsch), textile merchant Szimszon (brother-in-law of Mendel Deich), grocery shop
Lejbus DrutMoshe Engelberg*, grocery shop Berisz Finkelsztejn, train store
Nutil Finkelsztejn, grocery shopIsrael Flus, confection merchant Manis Gduldig, goose merchant
Moshe Gertel, painterJosef Hart, retailers association Moshe Hochman
Noach Hochman, grocery shopBeno Itzhak, yeshiva student Gerszon Katcz, collector
Moshe Kazszoch, synagogue beadleItzhak Kerszenzon (Kierzenzon), flour merchant Jochanan Kleiner, flour merchant
Motel (son-in-law of Yochanan Kleiner), bookbinderShmuel Hirsz Kupersztok, who had a yellow beard Itzhak Lewenfusz, bookkeeper
Mendel Lewenfuss* (his son)Meir Lasker, confection shop Zajsze Menis, grocery shop

Ber Migdal, soda pop factory
Josef Moskal Lajzer Nissel*, butcher
Szlomo Nissencwejg, hatterAbraham Ricer (Rycer)*, flour merchant Benjamin Jankiel Rojter, bookkeeper
(unknown) RozenbergJankel Szafel, textile merchant Gecil Sznejder*, clothing merchant
Pinchas Sznejder, chocolate shopChanan Sztokman, tailor Dawid Szer, synagogue beadle
Motl Szer (or Szerer)Moshe Szmuc, clothing merchant Naftali Sztern, teacher
Son of Naftali SternIsrael Szulman*, textile merchant Noach Wachtman, coachman
Meir Waksman*, liquor storeYudel Waksman, coachman Chaim Ber Waldman, corn merchant
Nachum Waldman*, leather merchantBetzalel Zilbermintz*, bookkeeper Szlomo Zilbermintz (Zilberminc), cheder teacher
Gdalia Zimerman, textile merchantMarszte (unknown), coachman Reuwen (unknown), coachman
Hershele RosencwaigNaftali Rokeach (unknown) Kurchew
Efraim DaitchDawid Szmerel (Shmerels), synagogue beadle

*Submitted data to Yad Vashem about the death date or location is inaccurate.

DEATH MARCH VICTIMS - HRUBIESZOWDied from suffering near the borderAlphabetical order by surname
Jankiel Ajl (or Ejl), corn merchantBenjamin Szpric or Szpril, soda pop shop (unknown) Zlifowicz, hotel agent

DEATH MARCH VICTIMS - HRUBIESZOWUnknown fateAlphabetical order by surname
Eliahu BlichmanWolf "Velvale" BlichmanSon of Lipe Diament
Lipe Diament Moshe FajferMoshe Finkelsztein
Azriel Friedman (wounded from being shot), brandy shopYitzchak Ilbisz (or Albasz)Dawid Jawicz
Szloma Nudel (Noodel/Nadel), age 15 Benjamin RozenbergJekel Szer
Lejzor Szrejer (Szrajer)Efraim Zimerman (wounded from being shot), textile merchant.
Chaim Lejb Zukerman (wounded from being shot), hatterAlterman the son of IsraelPinie the son of Tuker

DEATH MARCH VICTIMSFrom Husjeyny (Husynne) near HrubieszowMurdered on deportation to the border
A person from the village of HusjeynyA person from the village of Husjeyny A person from the village of Husjeyny

Chaim AjzenShmuel Eli AjzenTuli Czuchowicz
Hersh GeistLeonard LehrerDavid Lorber Rolnik
Josef SzerHeniek Grinberg (did not survive the war)Shlomo Atlas
Aron Yosef WeinsztokZvi Goldberg Shalom Omri
Joseph SchwartzNoach SzuchmakerIsser Szorer
Moshe Moskal, who was wounded by gunfire

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