Dorohucza Labor Camp: List of the SS Men

Below is a list of the S.S. men at the Dorohucza Labor Camp near Lublin, Poland during the Holocaust.
The list is very incomplete since nearly all of the prisoners at the camp were murdered.

Please contact us if you have any added information.

Nazis at Dorohucza

1. Heinrich Himmler - committed suicide
2. Odilo Globocnik - committed suicide
3. Gottlieb Hering - died of illness
4. Max Horn
5. unknown Schlim or Schlimm
6. Gottfried Schwarz - killed in Italy in 1944
7. Fritz Tauscher - committed suicide in 1965
8. Erwin Lambert - 7 years imprisonment
9. Robert Juhrs - never was punished for his crimes
10. Karl Alfred Schluch - 15 years imprisonment
11. Erich Sporleder- fate unknown
12. Ernst Zierke - never was punished for his crimes

1. Karl Diner - fate unknown
2. Andrij Kuras