Resources for Finding Your Jewish Family in Lublin District, Poland


1) JewishGen Holocaust Database

2) USHMM Database of Victims / Survivors

3) Yad Vashem Shoah Victims Database
... Fill out a Page of Testimony for a Shoah victim
... Yad Vashem Photo search

4) Bundesarchiv in Germany

5) International Tracing Service in Germany (Note: There is no online search.)

6) Ghetto Fighters' House Photo Archive

7) Database of Oppressed People (in Polish)
... English version

8) JewishGen Family Finder

9) JRI-Poland

10) Majdanek Museum archival search (in Polish)


11) How to do family research in Lublin district

12) Boden Family Album from Chelm (150 unidentified photos from Chelm)

13) Lublin Unidentified Photos (hundreds of unidentified photos of Jews from Lublin)

14) Hrubieszow unidentified photos of Jewish community

15) Yad Vashem Global Search

16) Teatr NN Global Search


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