Gartz / Gartzem / Gartsen / Gartzen Family Genealogy


The Gartz / Gartzem / Gartsen / Gartzsen family resided in Eggersheim, Germany. The family was Roman Catholic.


The village of Eggersheim had just 122 people in 1794, 234 people in 1885, and 198 people in 1905. By 2010, the population rose to 232 people. By 1477, what is now federal highway 477 was already built by the Romans as a military and trade route and served as a link from Neuss to Zülpich. Eggersheim is now a part of Nörvenich. Like other villages in the area, it has been an agrictultural center for most of history.


The surname Gartz and its variants are likely derived from a locality. There is a place near Euskirchen in the Mechernich called Obergartzem, and in this place there are places called "Gartzemer Street" and "Gartzemer Way". This location is about 30 minutes south of where my ancestors lived.

No information on the surname Zeumers is available.

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Surnames of those in my direct ancestral line appear in BOLD.

Descendants of Otto Gartz

1 Otto Gartz / Gartzem
..+ Margaret Zeumers
........ 2 Johannes Gartz b: Jan., 1697 in Eggersheim d: unknown
........ 2 Petrus Gartz b: April, 1698 in Eggersheim d: unknown
........ 2 Sibilla Gartz b: July, 1701 in Eggersheim d: unknown
........ 2 Margaretha Gartz / Gartzens b: March, 1705 in Eggersheim d: 1775 in Eggersheim
............+ Reinard Reimer b: Nov. 19, 1684 in Eggersheim m: Abt. 1730 d: Nov. 19, 1784 in Norvenich
...........[Click here for more information on this family line.]
........ 2 Godefridus Gartzem b: July, 1708 in Eggersheim d: unknown


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