Heinen Family Genealogy


The Heinen family resided in Nordrhein-Westphalen, Germany. The family was Roman Catholic.


The family lived in the city of Nörvenich, which has a present-day population of about 12,000. The administrative region (Regierungsbezirk) of Nörvenich is Cologne. The sub-district (kreis) is Duren, which is in the west of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and is surrounded by the districts Heinsberg, Neuss, Rhein-Erft-Kreis, Euskirchen and Aachen. The tiny village of Hochkirchen is located directly south; Irresheim is to the south and west.

Before the Napoleonic Wars all of the area belonged to the duchy of Julich. The main river in the district is the Rur. A castle called Schloss Nörvenich has been present in the outskirts of the city since around 1400.


The surname Heinen is a patronymic name from a short form of the Germanic personal name Heinrich. The surname was also spelled Heinens.

The surname Baum is a topographic name for someone who lived by a tree that was particularly noticeable in some way, from Middle High German/Old High German boum or "tree", or a nickname for a particularly tall person. The surname was also spelled Baums.

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Surnames of those in my direct ancestral line appear in BOLD.

Descendants of Reiner Heinen

1 Reinerus Heinen b: Abt. 1670 in Germany d: unknown
..+ Catharina Jansen
......... 2 Anna Heinen b: June 15, 1700 in Norvenich d: 1772 in Nörvenich, Germany
............+ Albertus Braun b: Abt. 1700 in Nörvenich d: 1772 in Nörvenich, Germany
.............. [Click here for more information on this family line.]

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