Elected Jewish Republicans

Congratulations to President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence!

This is a listing of elected Jewish Republicans. Also, check out our Right of Center Jewish Organizations listing.

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Gary Cohn, Director, National Economic Council
David Kustoff, Tennessee U.S. Representative
Lee Zeldin, New York U.S. Representative
Jay Dardenne, Louisiana Lt. Governor
Buddy Caldwell, Louisiana Attorney General
Tom Horne, Arizona Attorney General
Josh Mandel, Ohio State Treasurer
Steve Poizner, California State Insurance Commissioner
Jeremy Miller, Minnesota State Senator
Dan Lederman, South Dakota State Senator
Dave Greenspan, Ohio State Representative
Adam Kwasman, Arizona State Representative
Steve Katz, New York State Representative
Jeff Stone, California State Senator
Joe Straus, Texas State Representative


Michael Mukasey, former U.S. Attorney General
David Emanuel, former Georgia Governor
Linda Lingle, former Hawaii Governor
Edward S. Salomon, former Washington Territory Governor
George Fingold, former Massachusetts Attorney General
Robert Jubelirer, former Pennsylvania Lt. Governor
Rudy Boschwitz, former Minnesota U.S. Senator
Norm Coleman, former Minnesota U.S. Senator
Chic Hecht, former Nevada U.S. Senator
Warren Rudman, former New Hampshire U.S. Senator
Simon Guggenheim, former New York U.S. Senator
Arlen Specter*, former Pennsylvania U.S. Senator
Eric Cantor, former Virginia U.S. Representative
Sam Steiger, former Arizona U.S. Representative
Julius Kahn, former California U.S. Representative
Florence Prag Kahn**, former California U.S. Representative
Bobbi Fiedler, former California U.S. Representative
Martin Ansorge, former New York U.S. Representative
Edwin Einstein, former New York U.S. Representative
Ben Gilman, former New York U.S. Representative
Bill Green, former New York U.S. Representative
Seymour Halpern, former New York U.S. Representative
Jacob Javits, former New York U.S. Representative
Lucius Littauer, former New York U.S. Representative
Nathan Perlman, former New York U.S. Representative
Isaac Siegel, former New York U.S. Representative
Isaac Bacharach, former New Jersey U.S. Representative
Dick Zimmer, former New Jersey U.S. Representative
Steven Schiff, former New Mexico U.S. Representative
Marc Marks, former Pennsylvania U.S. Representative
Benjamin Rosenbloom, former West Virginia U.S. Representative
Stan Aronoff, former Ohio State Senator
Ellyn Bogdanoff, Florida State Senator
David Goodman, former Ohio State Senator
Peggy Rosenzweig, former Wisconsin State Senator
Florence Shapiro, former Texas State Senator
David Storobin, former New York State Senator
Daniel Greenberg, former Arkansas State Representative
Andre Marrou (convert), former Alaska State Representative
Jay Ramras, former Alaska State Representative
Milton Marks*, former California State Representative
Edward S. Salomon, former California State Representative
Alberto Gutman, former Florida State Representative
Adam Hasner, former Florida State Representative
Dick Kravitz, former Florida State Representative
Gary Siegel, former Florida State Representative
Bernard Epton, former Illinois State Representative
Sid Mathias, former Illinois State Representative
Nelson Gross, former New Jersey State Representative

*Switched to the Democrat Party.
**First woman to serve in Congress.

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