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Pronunciation: Kraz-noe-brod

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The first Jewish settlers in Krasnobrod were recorded in 1576. They developed a synagogue,
meit haMidrash, and cemetery. In the first half of the 19th century, the Hasidic movement
was thriving in Krasnobrod. A few Hasidic schools operated in the town and remained under
the influence of the tzaddiks from Radzyn, Turzysk, Gora Kalwara and Belz.

After the outbreak of the First World War, a substantial number of men from Krasnobrod were
conscripted to the Russian army. In this period some groups of the Jewish people left the
town to find work. In the 1920s and 1930s the majority of Jews in Krasnobrod lived by
trading and crafts but also farming, leasing, and financial operations. A few Jewish
families also rendered services to the local and holiday tourists. In 1919 and 1920, some
riots directed against the Jewish population took place. During the Polish-Russian war,
when on Aug. 29, 1920 the Ukrainian troops entered the town, two Jewish inhabitants were
killed and another 50 were wounded. The Ukrainian soldiers looted the Jewish property.

During the interwar period there was a synagogue in the town, two prayer houses, a mikvah,
a ritual bath and a cemetery. Numerous cheders functioned in the town, two private schools
existed -– Yavne and Tarbut -- run by Zionistic organizations. In the 1930s antisemitism
started to grow stronger and so was the economic crisis that affected Poland at that time.
This led to subsequent migration waves of Jews at the end of the 30s who migrated to Israel.

In September 1939 the town was bombarded and largely devastated, many Krasnobrod citizens were
killed then, including almost 200 Jews. Upon entering the town by the German army, persecutions
of Jewish inhabitants began. They were all crowded in a few houses that survived the air raid
and the people subject to the forced labor were hired to tarmac the roads and to clear of
rubble of the ruined town. In spring 1940 a group of 32 Jewish workers from Krasnobrod were
sent to the east to build fortifications across the border with Russia. Among them were:
Leibish Lerner, Itzhak Greenboim, Moshe Greenboim, Ephraim-Ziml Goldberg, Aaron Gershon,
Meir Krelman, Moshe Blumstein, Aaron-Laizer Shpeicher, Yosef Shpeicher, and Wolf Tencer. On
Dec. 24, 1940, S.S. men who were stationed near Krasnobrod plundered Jewish possessions in
large scale. In spring 1941, displaced Jewish people from Lodz and Wloclawek were sent to the
Krasnobrod ghetto. The mayor of the town, Katowski, nominated the following for the Judenrat:
Josef Goldstein, Fishel Shlegel, Yosef Lam, David Levenfuss, Yehoshua Babad, Moshe Greenbojm,
Berl Szuch (Szac), Yehoshua Wexler, Leibish Lerner, Hersh Szuch (Szac), and Leibish Elbaum.

The ghetto dissolution started early in the summer of 1942 during Shavuot. The gestapo executed
a few members of the Judenrat at that time. All the Jews from the town were gathered in the
building behind the Dominican monastery and then transported in train cars to the Belzec Death
Camp. A few brave souls escaped back to their houses in town, however the S.S. came back to the
town in July and burnt all the houses where Jews were hiding, resulting in additional deaths.

On Oct. 26, 1942, the remaining Jewish inhabitants of Krasnobrod were shot by a firing squad
and the Germans transported a part of them to Zamosc. In February 1943 the Germans conducted
a large-scale action to catch all the Jews hiding in the nearby forests and agricultural farms.
The Nazis also destroyed the synagogue and the cemetery in Krasnobrod, Poland.

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The destroyed shul, Krasnobrod.

A view of the town.

An unidentified Jewish couple from the town.

The Ziegel family from Krasnobrod.

A photo from the town, pre-war.

An unidentified family in Krasnobrod.

A group of Jewish friends, 1930.

Students from Krasnobrod in their Freiheit youth Zionist group.

Students from Krasnobrod, 1930s.

Jankiel Lewin and friends. Krasnobrod, pre-war.

Jankiel Lewin and friends. Krasnobrod, pre-war.

Jankiel Lewin and friends. Krasnobrod, pre-war.

From Yad Vashem: The Kierer / Kerer family, all murdered.

Shoah victims from the Kupicz family.


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Town of Krasnobrod:

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Rabbis of Krasnobrod:

- Moshe Borg
- Avraham Freund
- Mordko Gurtler
- Meir Sustzek
- Moshe Soifer
- Yitzchak Szlesinger

Holocaust Survivors of Krasnobrod:

- Szlomo Babat
- Aron Borg
- Avraham Borg
- Gitla Borg
- Hantsie Borg
- Moshe Aryeh Borg
- Shabtai Borg
- Shike Borg
- Yitzhak Borg
- Hersh Brener
- Nathaniel Brener
- (unknown) Davidowitz
- Helen Elbaum
- David Elbaum
- Hena Sarah Elbaum
- Mira Frymerman
- Moniek Frymerman
- Ester Kam Glickman
- Shmuel Gurtler
- Yocheved Gurtler Nuss
- Gitla Knobel Belman
- Miriam Kopel Blumenthal
- Seymor Kupitz
- Rivka Lam Burstein
- Risza Lerer
- Esther Lewinson Lerner
- Froim Lochfeld
- Yakov Lochfeld
- Abraham Rajf
- Mordechai Rapoport
- Eliyahu Rind
- Shmuel Sam Rind
- Moshe Untzig (Uncyk)
- Tera Wajsblat
- Shlomo Zonszajn


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