Libertarian Party Ignores Petition Signed by 50 People Regarding Its Anti-Semitic Activity

Libertarian Party Ignores Petition Signed by 50 People Regarding Its Anti-Semitic Activity

The following letter was submitted to the Libertarian National Committee on July 8, 2013. The petition was signed by 50 people, including supporters and potential supporters of the party who identify as Libertarians.

Hard copies were sent to the LP national office and to Chairman Geoffrey Neale. E-mail copies were sent to all members of the LNC, including Geoffrey Neale, as well as the LP national office staff.

The Libertarian Party and its Chairman, Geoffrey Neale, never acknowledged receipt of the letter or addressed a single concern outlined in the letter. Below is the letter in full.

Dear Libertarian National Committee Members,

Over the last several years the Libertarian Party has alienated Jewish donors and voters by affiliating with anti-Israel and anti-Semitic individuals and promoting them and their ideas while representing them as 'libertarian'. Today we write to explain that this is unacceptable to us as individuals and as libertarians.

The Libertarian Party is supposed to be a party of inclusion and social tolerance, and if individual members choose to affiliate with a particular religion, they should be free to do so without scrutiny from the "party of peace". Today we write to ask the Libertarian Party to address our concerns.

The Jewish people are extremely strong, having survived the Spanish Inquisition, the Holocaust, and six wars against Israel by Arab terrorists. Your party should make some effort to acknowledge the existence of libertarians in the Jewish community. Some examples of the problems we've encountered include:

1. Your party has promoted an anti-Israel image on Facebook several times. Singling out Israel is not libertarian. In fact, you are targeting particular religious and ethnic groups and alienating a huge base of potential supporters in doing so. Your party's platform plank on foreign policy is also violated by this image singling out Israel. You state in your platform, "The best form of anti-terrorism insurance is to remove all troops from the Middle East, stop attempts to either preserve or change their current governments, and end all government-to-government aid." Your specific target of Israel via your Facebook page image at is unacceptable on libertarian grounds. Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Barry Goldwater, Robert Taft, and past LP candidates John Hospers, Roger MacBride, Andre Marrou, Bob Barr, and Gary Johnson were all supporters of Israel. Your antagonism to Israel is simply going to alienate any Jewish individual from supporting your party financially or through membership or activism.

2. Your party's association with known anti-Semite Ron Paul continues to tarnish your party's image. Ron Paul has not only been the most anti-Israel member of Congress for decades, but he is also known to be quite anti-Jewish. Congressman Paul has appeared at "white power" meetings in Arlington, Virginia and has also done radio appearances on "white power" talk radio. His newsletters, distributed for more than 20 years, blamed various minority groups, including Jews, for America's problems. In fact, his newsletters even blamed Israel for the 1993 World Trade Center attack. Ron Paul claims to oppose all foreign aid, but he and Congressman Justin Amash voted to continue U.S. payments of billions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority and refused to condemn a Hamas-led Palestinian state in a July 2011 vote on HR 268. It violates your party's principles to promote the non-Libertarian Ron Paul.

3. Your party has several close ties to CAIR, the Council on Islamic Relations, which is widely known to be associated with the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish terrorist group Hamas. CAIR representatives have spoken at Libertarian Party events in Texas over the last several years. Promoting terrorists is a violation of the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP). Further, during these same years your party has never once asked a Jewish group to speak to your party.

4. When Jewish libertarians gathered on the Libertarian Party's Facebook page in 2012, an election year, to criticize anti-Jewish U.S. Senate candidate John Jay Myers, five Jewish libertarians were banned from your Facebook page by Mr. Myers himself -- who was at the time (apparently) in charge of your Facebook page. Mr. Myers has a long history of bashing Jews and Israel, and does not mind doing so openly. But when Jews stand up for themselves, they have been silenced by the Libertarian Party bureaucracy.

5. A vile anti-Semite named Ernest Hancock has been treated with respect for decades by your party. At Mr. Hancock's "Freedom's Phoenix" website, one can be directed to any number of vile anti-Jewish articles. Hancock redirects to an article called "The Ship Wreckers" by George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party. He also links to articles asserting that "Communism was Jewish" and "a whole, secret world -- the world of the Jews". A search of the "Freedom's Phoenix" website shows that the term "Jewish" shows up on page after page at the site. In another article at "Freedom's Phoenix", you can discover that Israel is going to "Judaize" East Jerusalem and that Jesus was a Palestinian. Mr. Hancock's website is filled with lies, yet he is treated with respect and given a platform by the Libertarian Party. Why?

Anti-Jewish activists like Carol Moore and David Macko are known commodities in Libertarian Party circles, and we do not expect that you will silence their right to speak against Jews and Israel. But we don't think it is wise for the future of your party -- or for strict adherence to libertarian principles -- to adopt their ideas as your own. Doing so will cost you in terms of donations, membership, and votes. Do you think the five Jews who were banned from the Libertarian Party's Facebook page voted for a Libertarian Party candidate in 2012? No.

Until these issues are resolved, we will continue to alert the Jewish community to the anti-Semitic activity in the Libertarian Party. This letter is a great incentive for you to change things for the better.


[50 signatures]

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