Remember the Jewish Communities of Lublin District, Poland

According to our estimates, more than 242,800 Jews lived in the pre-war Lublin district.

Historians have determined that the Nazis murdered 1,860,000 Polish Jews in the
extermination camps in Poland, plus another 1.0 million Polish Jewish deaths in prisons
and ghettos. In addition 970,000 Jews from other nations were murdered in the Nazi
extermination camps in Poland. Included in the Polish figures of war dead are 2.0 million
Polish citizens in the Polish areas annexed by the Soviet Union.

The Lublin district, once a large and proud Hasidic-majority within Jewish life, descended
into one of the world's largest graveyards. The Nazis established 57 ghettos, 17 transit
camps, 143 work camps, 3 Stalags, and 3 killing centers -- Majdanek, Belzec, and Sobibor
-- with a fourth (Treblinka) in the adjacent Warsaw district.

The once-thriving Jewish community in eastern Poland was completed massacred. At its
postwar peak, there were 180,000 to 240,000 Jews in Poland, settled mostly in Warsaw,
Lodz, Krakow and Wroclaw. Today, there are very few signs of Jewish life in southeastern
Poland. This website was created toremember the land of our ancestors and the
many victims of the Holocaust from or transported to the Lublin district.

New: Lublin Jews to reunite in to mark 700 years of Polish city

Welcome to the Lublin index of

"The Poles and Ukrainians recognized me.
When I was working for the Germans, I was safe."

-- Tauba Biterman, alias Maria Kucharewicz
Shoah Survivor from Zamosc, Poland

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