The Majdanek Remembrance Project: Lublin District S.S. Men and Women

1. Introduction and Explanation of General Gouvernement
2. German Government in the Lublin District
3. Senior S.S. at Lublin - Majdanek
4. Majdanek Staff (including Women)
5. Majdanek Company Commanders & Stormtroopers
6. Majdanek Block Leaders & Guards
7. S.S. at Lipowa 7 - Lublin
8. S.S. at Lublin Airfield Labor Camp
9. S.S. in Lublin
10. Gendarmerie Battalion Gresser and Schwieger
11. Police Battalion 101 & Dirlewanger Brigade
12. Other Units Involved in the Aktion Erntefest
13. S.S. in Biskupice & Piaski
14. S.S. at Belzec
15. S.S. at Budzyn
16. S.S. in Chelm
17. S.S. in Cycow
18. S.S. at Dorohucza
19. S.S. in Hrubieszow
20. S.S. in Izbica
21. S.S. at Janiszow
22. S.S. in Krasnik & Janow Lubelski
23. S.S. in Krasnystaw
24. S.S. in Krasnobrod
25. S.S. in Lubartow
26. S.S. in Niedrzwica Duza
27. S.S. at Osowa
28. S.S. in Ostrow Lubelski
29. S.S. in Parczew & Radzyn Podlaski
30. S.S. at Poniatowa
31. S.S. at Pulawy
32. S.S. in Rejowiec
33. S.S. in Sawin
34. S.S. at Sobibor
35. S.S. in Szczebrzeszyn
36. S.S. in Tomaszow Lubelski
37. S.S. at Trawniki
39. S.S. at Turobin
40. S.S. in Tyszowce
41. S.S. in Wlodawa
42. S.S. in Wysokie
43. S.S. in Zaklikow & Modliborzyce
44. S.S. in Zakrzowek
45. S.S. in Zamosc
46. Additional Resources

Majdanek, among the most deadly of concentration camps, was set up to enact the "Final Solution" to the "Jewish problem".

Below is a list of the S.S. men and women at the
Majdanek Concentration Camp and in Lublin, Poland where
Majdanek was located. Those who died prior to 1950 have a notation after their name with their cause of death.
Those without any comment below survived without receiving any significant punishment for their crimes.
This site also has data on Nazis at Belzec, Sobibor, and smaller camps like Poniatowa and Dorohucza.

This remains an incomplete listing. According to "Auschwitz" by Aleksander Lasik, there were
6,800 S.S. men and 200 S.S. women who served at Majdanek between 1940 and 1945. There
were 4,4481 S.S. men and 71 S.S. women upon liquidation of the Majdanek camp.

Those below followed by an asterisk (*) are still missing today.

Please contact us if you have any added information.

Hans Frank became the Nazi's supreme administrative authority in the Lublin district. Each area in Lublin district had its own district
chief (later called Gouverneur), in charge of their jurisdiction. Frank's administration had 12 governmental departments, each headed
by a civil servant. Large cities were ruled by a mayor (Stadthauptmann). District chief of Lublin Ernst Zoerner eventually grew the
German administration in Lublin district to more than 700 Nazis. On 9 November 1939, Heinrich Himmler appointed Odilo Globocnik the
S.S. and Police Leader in the Lublin district of the General Government territory. At a two hour meeting with Himmler on 13 October
1941, Globocnik received verbal approval to start construction work on the Belzec extermination camp, the first of its kind. Globocnik
continued in his position, the chief exterminator of the Jews, until August 1943, when he was succeeded by Jakob Sporrenberg. In
November, 1943, Sporrenberg and F. Wilhelm Krueger organized the Operation "Harvest Festival" (Aktion Erntefest), which effectively
removed almost all Jews from the Lublin district via mass extermination. The ten counties of the district were: Lublin (Land), Pulawy,
Radzyn, Biala Podlaska, Chelm, Hrubieszow, Zamosc, Bilgoraj, Janow Lubelski, and Krasnystaw. Lublin and Chelm had German
mayors appointed. Those with a ~ symbol after their name are confirmed as participating in Aktion Erntefest, the murders of
more than 43,000 Jews on Nov. 3-4, 1943. This action was ordered as revenge for the Jewish escapes from Treblinka and Sobibor.

Josef Buhler - executed
Georg Karl "Carl" Claus*
Fritz Cuhorst*
Curt Englaender
Ludwig Fischer - hanged
Hans Frank - hanged
Georg Hartig
Hans Heinrich Hasse
Fritz Heinecke
unknown Jache*
unknown Muth*
Herbert Naumann*
Ernst Fritz Reuter
Friedrich Fritz Sauermann
Friedrich Schmidt
Roland Seeberg-Elverfeldt
Arthur Seyss-Inquart - hanged
Franz Stanglica - died in unknown circumstances
Richard Turk
Karl Vielweib - killed in 1944
Erich Waizenegger
Richard Wendler
Emil Ziegenmayer*
Ernst Zorner*

Lower Level Government:
Karol Ceipek (Zeipek)*
Hans Damrau
Wilhelm Engler
Alfred Kipke
Ludwig Losacker
Ernst Schluter
Fritz Schmiege

Leaders of the Order Police (BdO):
Herbert Becker*
Karl Riege*
Rudolf Friedrich Muller*
Gerhard Winkler*
Hans Dietrich Grunwald*~
Emil Hoering*

Other government officials are listed here.

Senior Nazis at Lublin-Majdanek

According to Max Chichotski, the Aktion Reinhard commanders of Odilo Globocnik included:
Hermann Kintrup, Ernst Lerch, Fritz Magill, Johannes Mueller, and George Wippern.

Werner Blankenburg (buried as Bieleke)
Wilhelm Josef Blum - died in 1948
Viktor Brack - died in 1948
Kurt Claasen (aka Kutschera)*
Hermann Dolp (born 1889 in Turkheim) - killed before 1946
Albert Drechsel*
Reinhold Feix
Peter Feistritzer - died in 1947
Kurt Franz - life imprisonment
Philipp Freund*
(Executed 14,000 Jews at KL Lublin-Majdanek on Sept. 2, 1943)
Amon Leopold Goth - hanged
Odilo Globocnik~ - committed suicide
Gustav Hanelt*
Karl Helletsberger*
Gottlieb Hering - died of illness
Hugo Herzog*
Andreas Hoffman - 12 years imprisonment
Hermann Hofle~ - committed suicide
Helmut Kallmeyer
Hans Kammler*
Karl Heinrich Wilhelm Koppe
Friedrich Wilhelm Kruger~ - committed suicide
Erwin Lambert - 4 years imprisonment
Herbert Lange - died in 1945
Jurgen Lassman*~
Ernst Lerch~
Max Mayerhofer (Meierhofer) - killed in 1945
Georg Michalsen (aka Michalczyk) - 12 years imprisonment
Hilmar Moser - 7 years imprisonment
Josef Willi Obermeier*
Johann Offermann (nickname Hans) - 5 years imprisonment
Friedrich Plob (Ploeb)*
Friedel Rau*
Dr. Friedrich Rainer - executed
Franz Reichleitner - killed in Italy
Erwin Richard Rokita - 5 years imprisonment
Johann Schwarzenbacher~ - killed by partisans in Trieste
Jakob Sporrenberg~ - hanged
Franz Stangl - life imprisonment
Karl Streibel~
Richard Thomalla - executed by Russian Secret Service
Karl Herbert Ulbrich*
Reinhold von Mohrenschildt*
Christian Wirth~ - killed by Jewish partisans

Majdanek Personnel

Senior Staff:
Alfons Bentele*
Hermann Florstedt - executed
Adolf Grether*
Otto Hensche - killed in 1946
Karl Otto Koch - executed
Max Koegel (Kogel) - committed suicide
Arthur Liebehenschel - executed
Fritz Ritterbusch - executed by the Russian Secret Service
Martin Gottfried Weiss~ - hanged

Favored Personnel:
Werner or Walter Berlinghoff
Max Cichtski/Chichotsky (aka Max Runhof)
unknown Dominik*
Erich Dorn*
Wilhelm "Willi" Eichholz - 3 years imprisonment
Franz Eigner (born 1898)*
Werner Grothmann
Heinrich Hermann Hackmann - 10 years imprisonment
Herbert Hanel*
Alfred Heinrich*
Karl Hocker - 4 years imprisonment
Otto Kloppmann~*
August Langerbein*
Walter Langleist - executed
Hans Luhr - likely killed in 1944
Hans Maubach
Martin Melzer*
Erich Muller - died in 1945
Willy Natke*
Sepp Nemetz*
Friedrich Wilhelm Ruppert - executed
Hans Schippers*
Aloys Spitz* (born 1911)
Wilhelm Straub - killed by USSR
Anton Thumann~ - hanged
Rudolf Walter*
Sebastian Westel Wimmer*
Karl Wolff - 5 years imprisonment

Women's Staff:
Hermine Braunsteiner - life imprisonment
Herta Pakozdi Bieneck (born 1921)*
Erna Boden (born 1919) - 4 years imprisonment
Hermine Bruckner Bottcher (born 1918) - 20 years imprisonment
Anna David (Ani Davidova) - executed in Prague
Luise Danz - released in 1957
Helene Dornbach (Dornbrach) (born 1911)*
Elsa Ehrich - hanged
Elisabeth Lise Ernst*
Ruth Ertl* (born 1922)
Hannah Fuhrmann*
Luise "Lucie" Halata* (born 1910)
Susanne Hille*
Berta Gottschall*
Elisabeth Haselof/Haselhof (born Radojewski)* (born 1921)
Elisabeth Knoblich* (born 1918)
Hildegard Lachert - 12 years imprisonment
Elisabeth Maselow*
Herta Ehlert Naumann (photo available)
Charlotte "Karla" Woellert Mayer (born 1918)
Anna Meinel (Meindl) (born 1921)*
Alice Elling Orlowski - 15 years imprisonment
unknown Redli (or Riedl)*
Hildegard Rantzsch (Rantszch)*
Irmgard Rickheim*
Gertrud Heise Senff (born 1921) - 7 years imprisonment
Anna Scharbert (Schabert)* (born 1919)
Rosa Reischl Suss - 8 years imprisonment
Mimi Trsek*
Martha Ulbrich(t)* (born 1918)
Erna Pfaunstiel Wallisch*
Emilie Macha Wawotzny (born 1905) - died in 1949
Charlotte Lotte Weber* (born 1901)
Else Weber*
Erika Westfeld (born 1923)
Edith Witthuhn*
Johanna or Johanne Zelle
Elfrieda Zimmermann* (born 1922)

Gas Chamber Operators:
Anton Endres - executed
Paul Karl Hoffmann - hanged
Erich Muhsfeldt~ - hanged
Hans Perschon*
Otto Schultz - 15 years imprisonment

Nazi Doctors:
Wilhelm Bayer
Ludwik Benden
Max Heinrich Blanke - committed suicide
Franz von Bodmann - committed suicide
Hugo Bruder*
Heinz Friedrich Buchardt
Horst Fischer - executed by guillotine in 1966
Karl Josef Fischer*
Ernst Fuss*
Herbert Graeff - killed in 1944
Erich Grun*
Alfred Hasselberg - died in 1950
Erwin von Helmersen - executed
Walter Hohler - life imprisonment
Alfred Kaiser*
Dieter Mahler - committed suicide in 1949
Albert Meisse - died in 1944
Max Popiersch - died in 1942
Karl Heinrich Rindfleish
Helmut Rittinghaus*
Heinrich Ernst Schmidt
Karl Philip Theodor Schutz
Kurt Sickel*
Alfred Trzebinski - executed
Heinz Wisner - 6 years imprisonment

Property Confiscation:
unknown Alpers
Karl Dorl*
Wilhelm "Willi" Eichholz - 3 years imprisonment
Albert Frank-Griksch - hanged
Georg Huber - 5 years imprisonment
(from Romania)
George Loerner - 5 years imprisonment
Alexander Pflanzer*
Oswald Pohl~ - executed
Heinz Potschlack (Poetschlack)*
Emil Puhl - 5 years imprisonment
Alois Rzepa
Wilhelm Schwarzkopf* (Volksdeutsche)
Johannes Teichelmann
Heinrich Gustav "Heinz" Wied*
Georg Wippern
Ferdinand Wolsegger

Junior Staff:
Hans Adolf Bernstein - killed in 1945
unknown Deutschbein*
Willi Doering*
Karl Dorl*
Alois Fischotter - killed in battle
Heinrich Friedrichs*
Paul Gasser - executed
Friedrich Fritz Gebhardt - hanged
Wilhelm Gerstenmeier - hanged
Wilhelm Giesenhaus* (born 1911)
Ernst Gollack - life imprisonment
Wolfgang Grosch*
Wilhelm Haertel (Haertl)*
Hans Heinzmann*~
Georg Heller - 15 years imprisonment
Josef Hermer - 15 years imprisonment
Kurt Klipp*
Andrzej Kowacewicz (from Croatia)*
Otto Kress*
Josef Emil Laurich - 8 years imprisonment
Erich Lehmann*
Hermann Michl*
Herbert Moecel*
Kurt Moeller - hanged
Jacob Niessner - hanged
Karl Heinrich "Heinz" Noa - 7 years imprisonment
Michael Pelger - hanged
Ludwig Plagge - hanged
Max Preusser
Georg Quandt* (aka Karl Quandt)
Herbert Rautenberg
Helmut Rittinghaus*
Roland Rottenfusser*
Johann Schmer
Theodor Schoellen (Schollen) - hanged
Vinzenz Schoettl - hanged
Otto Siemers
Franz Soess (Suess) - hanged
Anton Thernes (Ternes) - hanged
Walter Tietze - killed in 1945
Hermann Vogel - hanged
Heinrich Worster (born 1909)

Company Commanders:
Gustav Borell*
Arnold Brendler*
Alois Kurz* (born 1917)
Josef Leipold - executed
Wilhelm Siegmann* (born 1898)
Kurt Volkmann* (born 1911)
Johann Vormittag - executed
Fritz Weighardt*

Johann Kessler - 12 years imprisonment
Hans Kottre (Kotre) - 12 years imprisonment
Andreas Lahner - 12 years imprisonment
Peter Reiss - hanged

Block Leaders:
(Note: This listing is not complete.)
Stefan Binder*
Heinz Bock*
Anton Buchmuller - died in prison
(from Yugoslavia)
Julius Dalka*
Leonard Dohlen*
Jakob Dups*
Karl Eberle*
Ludwig Eggi*
Thomas Ellwanger (born 1917) - 3 years imprisonment
Fritz Engisch*
Adolf Fandrich*
Johann Fischer*
Georg Gaida*
Gerhard Gebauer*
Johann Grauberger*
Heinrich Groffmann
Emil Haugwitz*
Jacob Hoffman (Volksdeutsche)
(from Yugoslavia)
Friedrich Jung*
Otto Kaddatz*
Anton Kainradl* (born 1905)
Filip Keck*
(from Yugoslavia)
Karl Kappes*
Johann Kraml*
Karl Muller - 7 years imprisonment
Samuel Maier*
Janusz Olczyk - 4 years imprisonment
Ignatz Oster* (born 1908)
Josef Oswald - 10 years imprisonment
Fritz Heinrich Petrick - 4 years imprisonment
Filip Pflaum*
Theodor Probst*
Herbert Reibe*
Karl Schmidt*
Filip Schmol*
Bruno Schulz*
Wilhelm Schuttler (Schutler)*
Sepp? Siberer*
Heinrich Stangl (Stangel)*
Wilhelm Straub - killed by USSR
Willy Tempel*
Willi Torunsky*
Johann Wagner*
Willi Weissenborn*

Majdanek Guards:
Herbert Abraham*
Kurt Ackermann - 7 years imprisonment
Konrad Anacker - 3 years imprisonment
Hans Aufmuth - 8 years imprisonment
Franz Bago*
Alfred Bajerke - 15 years imprisonment
Josef Baner - 5 years imprisonment
Josef Barth*
Philip Bauder - 8 years imprisonment
(from Yugoslavia)
Karl Beck - 10 years imprisonment
Gustav Becker*
Martin Becker - 6 years imprisonment
Michael Beer - 10 years imprisonment
Kurt Behringer - 15 years imprisonment
Rudolf Beller*
Michael Bertl - 7 years imprisonment
Martin Berger - died in 1948
Johann Betz - 8 years imprisonment
(from Romania)
Walter Biernat - 6 years imprisonment
Vladimir Billar*
Georg Bjelik - 5 years imprisonment
(from Yugoslavia)
Johann Botsch - 10 years imprisonment
Hans Bott - 5 years imprisonment
Karl Bruckner - 4 years imprisonment
Fritz Brulls (Bruells)*
Peter Buerzer (Burzer)*
Emilian Busz - 15 years imprisonment
Hubert Busch*
Friedrich Buschbaum - life imprisonment (released 1956)
Andreas Buttinger - died in 1949
Michael Czowhan - 4 years imprisonment
Piotr Dalecki*
(Note: He worked in the crematorium.)
Adalbert Defka*
Jacob Dialler - 5 years imprisonment
(from Romania)
Hermann Dick - 5 years imprisonment
Wilhelm Dieckmann - 6 years imprisonment
Franz Drews - 4 years imprisonment
Karl Durr - 8 years imprisonment
Hans Durst - 5 years imprisonment
(from Romania)
Adam Eisel (Eisele) - 5 years imprisonment
(from Yugoslavia)
Anton Elki*
(from Romania)
Alfred Engst - 8 years imprisonment
Konrad Feht (or Fert) - 8 years imprisonment
(from Yugoslavia)
Wilhelm Ferber - 6 years imprisonment
Jakob Fink - 4 years imprisonment
Georg Fleischer - 12 years imprisonment
Michael Fleischer - 4 years imprisonment
Robert Frick - 15 years imprisonment
Jakob Freimeier - 8 years imprisonment
Fritz August Fries - 8 years imprisonment
Franz Josef Fritsche*
Fritz Frischolz - 8 years imprisonment
Josef Frombach - 4 years imprisonment
Michael Gall (or Gal) - 3 years imprisonment
(from Romania)
August Wilhelm Gebel - 10 years imprisonment
Jacob Gemmel - 12 years imprisonment
Wilhelm Genth - 5 years imprisonment
Oskar Gohl - 15 years imprisonment
Karl Gotzinger (Goetzinger) - 6 years imprisonment
Hans Grabert - 3 years imprisonment
Jacob Grata (Gratz) - 6 years imprisonment
Friedrich Gross*
Johann Gunesch - 3 and 1/2 years imprisonment
Simon Gunesch - 10 years imprisonment
Otto Gunther - 5 years imprisonment
Joseph Juozas Guzulaitis
Franz Habel - 4 years imprisonment
Jakob Habisch
Michail Hajlicz - 3 years imprisonment
unknown Hansche*
Christian Harfmann - 12 years imprisonment
Maks Haring*
Josef Hartmann - 6 years imprisonment
Willi Heitmeyer*
Theodor Hessel*
Hans Georg Hess - 6 years imprisonment
Karl Hildebrand* (born 1902)
Heinrich Hocherl (Hoecherl) - 3 years imprisonment
Anton Hoffmann - 8 years imprisonment
George Lothar Hoffmann (born 1905) - 3 and 1/2 years imprisonment
Stefan Hoffmann*
Andreas Hotz*
(from Romania)
Edmund Jaintner (Jaitner)
Josef Janowitsch - 4 years imprisonment
Gwer Jansen* (born 1920)
Jakob Jost - 10 years imprisonment
Friedrich Kalinowski* (born 1898)
Josef Kaps*
Franz Kaufmann - 5 years imprisonment
Paul Keller - 7 years imprisonment
Simon Kellinger*
Johann Kessler - 12 years imprisonment
Paul Kiss - died in 1950
Michael Klaus - 5 years imprisonment
Ferdinand Knoblich*
Adam Koch - died in prison
Walter Kohler (Koehler) - 6 years imprisonment
Gunther Konietzny
Theodor Korner (Koerner) - 10 years imprisonment
Fritz Korthals - died in 1949
Ernst Kostial (Kosial)*
Andrzej Kowacewicz*
Stefan Kozilak
Otto Krafft*
Walter Kreische/Kreischer (born 1893)*
Stefan Kruth* (born 1917)
Johann Kubasek (Kubasak) - 5 years imprisonment
Heinrich Kuehn - 6 years imprisonment
Johann Lassner - 5 years imprisonment
(the same person as Jurgen Lassman?)
Johann Lienert (Lienerth) - died in 1949
Martin Loex (Lox) - died in 1949
Friedrich Loges - 5 years imprisonment
Matthias Lubbe* (born 1913)
Stefan Mantsch - 5 years imprisonment
Kasper Marksteiner - died in 1949
Johann Mayer - 5 years imprisonment
Julius Mayer - 5 years imprisonment
Wendelin Mayer - 10 years imprisonment
Bruno Meiert
Jahn Menninga (Udo Mennenga) - 15 years imprisonment
Walter Merkel*
Hans Merle - 5 years imprisonment
Hans Herbert Mockel - 5 years imprisonment
Kurt Moller - executed
Emil Moos - 3 years imprisonment
Josef Moos - 3 years imprisonment
Franz Josef Nehr - 1 year imprisonment
Georg Neu - 12 years imprisonment
Jacob Nieden (Niedan) - 10 years imprisonment
Kurt Erwin Ohnweiler - 5 years imprisonment
Thomas Ohrner - 15 years imprisonment
Jacob Ott - 8 years imprisonment
Franz Pantli - 12 years imprisonment
Wilhelm Petrak - 2 years imprisonment
Samuel Pfeiffer - 8 years imprisonment
Franz Anton Plasche - executed
Maks Polz*
Friedrich Pruss - less than 10 years imprisonment
Georg Karl Quant*
Peter Quintus
Johann Radler - 8 years imprisonment
Thomas Radrich - 8 years imprisonment
Wilhelm Reinartz - executed
Dmytro Sawchuk*
Fritz Schichtholz*
Nikolaus Schiffer
August Schlechter*
Erich Friedrich Schmidt - 4 years imprisonment
Hermann Schultze - 5 years imprisonment
Helmut Schutze* (born 1913)
Eugen Schwagler* (born 1909)
Adolf Schwartz*
Johann Schwartz - 12 years imprisonment
Wilhelm Selzmeyer*
Joseph Sienkiewicz - executed
Johann Setz (Robert Seitz) - 8 years imprisonment
Karl Seufert/Seuffert* (born 1913)
Heinz Stable*
Johann Spiess - 8 years imprisonment
Arnold Strippel - 13 years imprisonment
Michael Thal - 5 years imprisonment
Max Thiele - 12 years imprisonment
Alexander Feodorowitch Tityebski - executed
Gothard Tischoltsch - 12 years imprisonment
Kurt Ulbrich* (born 1898)
Heinz Villain~ - 6 years imprisonment
Georg Vogel - 12 years imprisonment
Michael Vogel*
Richard Volker (Voelker) - 6 years imprisonment
Kurt Volkmann* (born 1911)
Franz Vormittag - 6 years imprisonment
Jacob Vormittag - 5 years imprisonment
Arno Weber* (born 1897)
Johann Weiss - 12 years imprisonment
Johann Wiemer - 4 years imprisonment
Franz Wirth - 12 years imprisonment
Peter Wyderka*
Helmut Zach - 6 years imprisonment
Anton Zellmer - 12 years imprisonment

Kapo Otto Berr*
Kapo Karl Johann Galka - 7 years imprisonment
Kapo Fritz Illert*
Kapo Monika Kurzweil - 5 years imprisonment
Kapo Edmund Pohlmann - committed suicide
Kapo Boleslaw Reich*
Kapo August Schmuck*
Kapo Heinz Stalp - hanged
Kapo Peter Wyderka*

Lipowa 7 Personnel

Ludolf von Alvensleben
Hermann Dolp - killed before 1946
unknown Dorndorf*
unknown Ernst*
Walter Gunst*
Otto Hantke - life imprisonment
unknown Klein*
Friedrich Wilhelm Kruger - committed suicide
Kazimierz Kustron - executed
unknown Lissy or Laska - likely killed
(see also: Walter Liska below)
Wolfgang Mohwinkel - life imprisonment
Eric Muhsfeldt - hanged
Zdzislaw Josef Musielski - executed
Johann Offermann - 5 years imprisonment
Hermann Ramm - executed
Heinz "Horst" Riedel (Rindel)
Martin Kuno Schramm*
Guenther Waltz - life imprisonment

S.S. at Lublin Airfield Labor Camp

Heinrich Birmes
Kurt Bolender - committed suicide
Ernst Gollack - life imprisonment
Willi Hausler*
Friedrich Opitz - executed
Josef Willi Obermeier*
Wolfgang Mohwinckel - life imprisonment
unknown Schmidt* (Volksdeutsche)
Otto Stadie - 7 years imprisonment
See also: Property Confiscation above

S.S. in Lublin

Senior staff:
Dietrich Allers - 8 years imprisonment
Franz Bartetzko~ - killed before 1946
Ewald Biegelmayer*
Walter Bierkamp - committed suicide
Erich Brandl - 8 years imprisonment
unknown Buchholz*
Friedrich Buchardt
Richard Dibus - 9 years imprisonment
Oskar Dirlewanger~ - killed by partisans in Altshausen
Anton Doeltl*
Ottmar Egger*
Michael Eich*
Benedikt Farkas*
Josef Faulhaber*
Hans Girtzig~
Adolf Grether* (born 1905)
Walter Griphan - committed suicide
Ferdinand Hahnzog*
Rudolf Haring - killed in 1945
Alfred Hasselberg - died in 1950
Walter Hess - 4 years imprisonment
Kurt Hintze - died in 1944
Franz Hodl (Hoedl)*
Karl Hofbauer*
Maximillian "Max" Horn
Walter Huppenkothen
Gerhard Jaeckel*
Karl Jager*
Alfred Kiefer*
Hermann Kintrup
Viktor Knorr*
Gerret Korsemann
Hans Jacob Lauffs - 5 years imprisonment
Karl Levermann*
Walter Hans Liska - killed in 1949
Reinhardt Lorenz*
Hans Masorsky - 8 years imprisonment
Gustav Melcher*
Johannes Hermann Mueller
Max Muller*
Werner Mundhenke* (born 1907 in Berlin)
August Nowak*
Otto Peter*
August Preyssl*
Helmut Pohl*
Dr. Gunther Karl Putz*~
Josef Rach*
Adolf Rauscher*
Rolf Jurgen Reimers - 10 years imprisonment
Heinz "Horst" Riedel (Rindel)
Konrad Rheindorf*~
Jacob Rometsch - 8 years imprisonment
Johannes Rosen - 10 years imprisonment
Erich Rossbach - 6 years imprisonment
Karl Rupper*
(Note: Possibly Karp Ruppert, 1886-1953.)
Alois Rzepa
unknown Sandau*
Eberhard Lorenz Schafer - 15 years imprisonment
Wilhelm Scharpwinkel - died in 1948
Rudolf Schleissner*
Johann Schmer
Helmut Schneider*
Paul Schoch - 4 years imprisonment
Dr. Karl Eberhard Schoengarth - hanged
Kurt Gotthard Schubert - combined 16 years imprisonment
(Charged with 28,000 murders; imprisoned by the Russians for 10 years; sentenced by Germany in 1973, died shortly after the sentence.)
unknown Schumacher*
Lothar von Seltmann - died circa 1944
Hans Siegel
Walter von Soosten - killed in 1945
Paul Otto Stier - killed in 1943
Willi Wilhelm Stoffel*
Fritz Stocker*
Gustav Stolle*
Bruno Streckenbach
Harry Sturm - 12 years imprisonment
(Note: Sturm was from Pernau in Estonia.)
Erich Treuke*
Gotthard Tschoeltsch - 12 years imprisonment
Richard Volker - 6 years imprisonment
unknown Wallach*
Herbert Walther
Walter von Wanka* (born 1908 in Vienna)
Siegfried Watzdorf*
Rudolf Weber - died in 1947
(Responsible for murdering the seriously ill, including children, and murdered other civilians.)
Georg Weinzierl*
Hermann Worthoff (Werthof) - 12 years imprisonment
Karl Wukowits*

Junior staff:
Wilhelm Altenloh - 8 years imprisonment
Ludolf von Alvensleben* (2nd from right)
Jan Azanow*
Adolf Bareuther*
Anton Becker
Josef Beer*
Heinrich Birmes
Gustav Bolten*
Erwin Botzenhardt - executed
unknown Brughmann (Bruchmann)*
unknown Calverini* (from Italy)
Jozef Cenzarowicz*
Kurt Damerow*
unknown Diehl*
(Note: Probably Hans Robert Diehl)
Johannes "Hans" von Dollen*
unknown Dunkel*
Kurt Eimann
Heinz or Hans Errelis - 6 and 1/2 years imprisonment
Viktor Franusch*
Willi Franz*
Hermann Frey - executed
Alfons Goetzfrid~ - 10 years imprisonment
unknown Grothe* (may be Paul Groth)
Walter Gunst*
Johannes Halle*
Willi Hausler*
Lothar Heimbach - 9 years imprisonment
Julius Hein - executed
Alexsander Jagdhold - life imprisonment
Johannes Erich Kalich*
unknown Klemens*
Walther Knitzky*
Gunther Kramme*
Franz Kubin*
Heinrich Kuhlmann*
Erich Lange* (born 10.10.1888)
Karl Leistiko or Leistikow - committed suicide
Bernhard Lell - executed
Franz Magill*
Karl Manke*
unknown Meister*
Josef Willi Obermeier*
Johann Offermann - 5 years imprisonment
Friedrich Opitz - executed
Samuel Hartmut Pfeiffer - 8 years imprisonment
Josef Popischil~ (born 1902) - death by firing squad in 1948
Willi Raich*
Hugo Raschendorfer - life imprisonment
Wenzel Fritz Rehwald*
Hermann Rohlfing
Wilhelm Willi Scheper (Schepter)*
August Schmuck
Mauritius Schnur*
Werner Schriever*
unknown Schraufstetter*
Richard Schuh - hanged
unknown Schuller*
Max Schuster*
Kurt Seidel*
Herbert Seifert - likely killed
unknown Seylitz*
Kurt Sickel
Sepp Slany*
unknown Spallek*
unknown Tabler*
Josef Vogts~
Talbot von Pistor*
Hans Werner Voss*
Werner Wehrheim*~ (born 1916 in Sodel)
(commander of the Ordnungspolizei KdO in Lublin, 1942 and 1943; participated in attacks on partisans in June, 1943;
participated in the Aktion Erntefest on Nov. 3, 1943.)
Benno Winkler*
unknown Zimmermann*

Gendarmerie Battalion Gresser and Schwieger

Throughout 1944 within the Lublin district, Gendarmerie group Gresser -- which included the Gendarmerie groups
led by Kurt Wuttke (group 1) and Karl Rogall (group 2) and the Polizei regiment 25 (see below for information on their
leadership) -- took actions against Jews and partisans in the area. They were led by Erwin Gresser (born 1891), and after that
by Erich Swieger (born 1900, killed Oct. 14, 1944).

Police Battalion 101

Police Battalion 101 supervising women undressing. Unknown location during the Shoah.

Police Battalion 101 had significant activity in the Lublin district, including on Nov. 3-4, 1943 in which
43,000 Jews were murdered from Majdanek and its sub-camps. Few of the participants were ever
punished for their crimes.

Alfred Langerhaus~: A member of regiment 25
(Suspected of participation in the shootings of 26,000 Jews in Lublin)

Dirlewanger Nazi Brigade

The leaders of the Reich Security Head Office decided to make Lublin a reservation for all of the Jews of Germany and occupied Europe.
The question of territorial control was of crucial importance according to the Hitlerists. Thus, the Dirlwanger group was brought in
from Berlin to secure the area for the Germans. The Dirlewanger unit had at first been formed out of poachers and criminals. There's
a book about the brigade entitled "The History of the Black Hunters" by Ingrao. The group carried out the murders of Jews in the Lublin
district, as with those listed elsewhere on this page. The below persons are just a small number of the total brigade, which numbered
7,500 fighters at its highest.

Oberfuhrer Oskar Dirlewanger - killed by partisans in Altshausen
Heinrich Amann
Franz Ambros
Andonius Ammerlaan
Erich Bachmann
Hans Baur
Erich Bax
Ludwig Beniger
Georg Binzer
Werner Blessau
Waldemar Bodammer (born 1903)
Walter Brandenburg
Erich Brandt
Fritz Brehm
Wilhelm Brencher
Ewald Bujara (born 1903)
Hans Burger
Dietrich Carstens
Josef Caspar
Alfred Ciesewski
Ernst Clausen
Gunther Credner
Jakob Dett
Heinz Dransfeld
Ewald Ehlers - killed in 1945
Josef Falter
Rudolf Faust
Otto Gast
Georg Grabner
Otto Grabs
Kurt Gramath
Josef Grohmann
Ernst Heidelberg
Egyd Ingruber (born 1920 in Mittersill/Salzburg)
Erhard Jokiel
Josef / Johannes Karnop
Gerhard Kellkamp
Friedrich Knoringer
Heinrich Kraus
Siegfried Krause
Theodor Krtzer
Heinrich Kuhlmann
Erich Lebin
Rudolf Liers
Helmut Leuandowski
Franz Magill*
Ludwig Mann
Franz de Martin
Andreas Meyer-Malder
Fritz Missmahl
Heinrich Mohle
Hans Pfab
Franz Planitzer
Wolfgang Plaul
Siegfrid Polack
Karl Praefke
Adam Pres
Fritz Raml
Wilhelm Reiner
Hans Schaftlmeier
Ludwig Schapf
Andreas Schillinger
Fritz Schmedes
Karl Schmidt
Willi Schneier
Hans Schreier
Max Schreiner - killed in 1943
Jan Schreuder
Willi Schutze
Alois Smoliner
Karl Staib
Jurgen Sten
Rudolf Stoweno
Adalbert Trattenschegg - killed in 1943
Friedrich Turek
Eugen Ulmer
Fritz Wagner
Othmar Walchensteiner - died in 1943
Erwin Walser
Hans G. Weber
Karl Weber
Walter Wegner
Heinrich Wehninck
Kurt Weisse
Gunther Weyrich
Karl Weyrich
Georg Wild
Waldemar Wilhelm
Bruno Wille
Herbert Zahn
August Zeller*
Paul Zimmermann
Oswald Egger
Peter Gaertner
Wilhelm Voigt
Gottlieb Zalsky
W. Winkelbauer
Heinz Feiertag
Leonid Waldowski
Karl Horath
Waldemar Appold
Karl Benkert
Wilhelm Ruch
Fridolin Wieshaupt
Willy Meyer
Doll Wimmer
Otto Brune
Hans Luhr
Paul Zimmermann
Willi Meyer
Helmut Pfaffenrodt
Brune Kastlnik
Rudolf Lowitz
Wilhelm Wachter
Friedrich Walter
Peter Gossens
Gerhard Henze
Georg Scheppach
Franz Ernst
Franz Eder
Walter Augustin
Walter Richter
Arthur Heimsch
Willi Rossa
Werner Leuendorf
Theodor Kalbe
Fritz Kruger
Georg Grobner

Other Units Involved in the Aktion Erntefest

According to "
Aktion Erntefest", a publication in German by Stefan Klemp, the following units were also involved in the
Aktion Erntefest, the murders of Jews in the Lublin district in November 1943:

SS Polizeiregiment 25
SS Polizeibataillon 41
SS Polizeibataillon 67

Leadership of the Police Battalion 25 included: Hermann Kintrup (born 1891, was never punished), Willy Suchanek (born 1905,
never was punished), Konrad Rheindorf (born 1896, served 10 years in USSR prison), Rudolf Haring (born 1896 in Halle an der
Saale, likely killed circa 1945), Erich Treuke, Gerret Korsemann (born 1895 in Nebel, served a little more than 1 year in prison,
died 1958), Walter Griphan (born 1891 in Gremmelin, committed suicide 1947), August Preyssl, and Heinrich Fuellbeck.
No information is known about Preyssl, Fuellbeck and Treuke. Photos are only available of Korsemann and Kintrup. Walter Griphan
was also the leader of Police Battalion 306 along with Johann Josef Kuhr, Ernst Dreier, and Paul Landwehr.

Leadership of the Police Battalion 41 included: Hermann Franz (born 16.08.1891), Erwin Kopka (born 01.11.1894), Walter Seltz (born
30.04.1897), Johannes Lueters (born 23.02.1899), Hans Kaergel (born 16.10.1902), and Ewald Sternagel (born 19.02.1898).

Leadership of the Police Battalion 67 included: Kurt Sack, Wilhelm Gabriel, Johannes Korda, and Albert Kramer.


This listing is incomplete. It is based on various accounts, including the Yizkor book testimonies from the communities.

S.S. in Biskupice & Piaski

Ernst Kresse*
Jozef Krol
Karl Streibel~

S.S. at Belzec Death Camp

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S.S. at Budzyn Labor Camp

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S.S. in Chelm

Werner "Hans" Ansel
Hans Augustyn*
Adelbert Benda*
Hermann Benzler*
unknown Berger*
Artur Bernat (Bernard)* from Silesia
Max Beulich or Max Bielas*
unknown Braunmiller*
Ludwig Bruckner*
Ernst Busch - sentenced to death
Max Cichtski/Chichotsky (aka Max Runhof)
unknown Dietrich*
Alfred Eggert*
Kurt Engels - committed suicide
unknown Fisher*
Dr. Gerecht*
Claus Harms*
Gerhard or Erhard Hager*
Walter Hess (born 1908) - 4 years imprisonment
unknown Holtzheimer*
unknown Horn*
Werner Kalmus*
Stanislaw Koltun*
Johannes Krauz or Kraus*
Erich Karl Kronberger - 14 years imprisonment
Alexis Kruger (Krueger) - died in 1943
Erich Lange or Langer*
Karl Leistikow or Leistiko - committed suicide
Karl Mallon - hanged in 1945
Rolf Mauer*
Hugo Raschendorfer - life imprisonment
Adolf Reinert (Reinelt/Reiner)*
Hermann Rohlfing
unknown Schlesinger (Szlesinger)*
Emmanuel Schafer*
Konrad Schloegl
Eduard Schmidt*
Erich Scholz* (born 1891)
unknown Selch*
Edward Shutt - executed
Bernhard Staszek (Staschek)*
unknown Steinert*
Willy Stoffel*
(tortured female prisoners)
Rudolf Rudi Theimer (Teimer)*
(A witness pinpoints Teimer, Schmidt, and Raschendorfer as responsible for the
Himmelkommando in Borek near Chelm, in which nearly 50,000 bodies were placed. Included
were: 8,000 Italian soldiers, 10,000 Jewish women, 2,000 other Jews, and 25,000 Red soldiers.)
unknown Urban*
Dr. Workman*

S.S. at Cycow

If you can identify any of these S.S. men, please let me know.

S.S. in Cycow
(Note: Also participated in Chelm County.)

unknown Benke*
Otto Brandenburg*
unknown Gulhorn*
unknown Hajzyk*
Otto Kanwischer*
Paul Kindler*
unknown Kirschner*
Erwin Kramer*
Adolf Loeve (Lowe)*
unknown Lorenc*
Gottfried Schmidt*
unknown Wanut*
unknown Winkowski*

S.S. at Dorohucza Camp

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If you can identify any of these S.S. men, please let me know.

S.S. in Hrubieszow

Alex (unknown)*
(Note: This man spoke Yiddish.)
Johann Ackermann*
Helmut Altmann*
unknown Astman*
Dr. Walter Behrend(t)*
Karl Beier* (born 30.06.1919)
Julian Rudolf Betcher - died in 1949
Otto Busse - committed suicide
Max Cichtski/Chichotsky (aka Max Runhof)
Johann Demant - life imprisonment (sentence commuted)
August Ebner - killed
Curt Englaender
Karl Hermann or Heinrich Franke*
unknown Gerchow* (Hans Girtzig?)
unknown Grosser
Paul Groth*
Gerhard Hacker - died in 1950
Ferdinand Hahnzog*
unknown Henig* (Hening von Winterfeld?) (Commander of the Gendarmerie)
unknown Heitmuller*
unknown Kiel*
Arnold Klaus*
(Responsible for the deaths of 3,000 Jews near the Bug River bet. Nov. 1941 and July 20, 1944)
Karl Knauer* (born 5.27.1885)
Karl Kohler*
Josef Kraml*
Josef Laska*
Karl Mattulke*
Wilhelm Meyer - 3 years imprisonment
Hermann Muller (possibly Johannes Muller)*
Gustav Nagel - killed in 1944
Richard Nitschke - 5 years imprisonment
Konrad Obermuller*
unknown Otto*
Fritz Pietsch*
Ludwig Pilles*
Adolf Pohlmann*
(Note: Pohlmann was involved in the Chelm-Hrubieszow death march. Probably the same as Adolf Bohlmann.)
Ferdinand Radtke - killed in 1943
Konrad Rimpler - died in 1946
unknown Ritzka*
Arthur Rosenow - died in 1952
Hermann Sasse* (born 11.11.12)
Fritz Sauermann*
Eberhard Schafer - 15 years imprisonment
unknown Schistel*
Karl Scholz*
Johann Stifter*
Max Stoebner (Stybner) - 9 years imprisonment
Dr. Harry Georg Sturm (from Estonia) - 12 years imprisonment
Richard Thomalla - executed
Werner Thunak - died in 1951
Karl Vielweib - killed in 1944
Eberhard (Bernhard) von Loewen - died in 1944
Hans or Johann Wagner - killed circa 1945
Adolf Waldner - 12 years imprisonment
unknown Weinreither*
Josef Weissmann*
unknown Wiedermann* (Gestapo Commandant)

S.S. in Izbica

Kurt Engels - committed suicide
Ludwig Klemm*
Julian Krauss*
Stanislaw Krauss*
Henryk or Heinrich Krolikowski*
Feliks Matys*
(tortured civilians, organized round-ups and was sending them to forced labor in Reich, conducted
searchings and robbed belongings of the arrested)
Jan Schultz*

S.S. at Janiszow Labor Camp

Peter Ignat - killed by partisans

S.S. in Krasnik & Janow Lubelski
(See also:
Budzyn/Krasnik Nazis)

Hans Adolf Asbach
Hans Ernst Paul Augustyn*
Erich Augustine*
(Note: May be the same as Hans Augustyn.)
Wilhelm Becker*
Max Eugen Wilhelm Ehrle - died in 1948
unknown Fajgs
Herbert Kurt Franke*
(Note: May be the same Franke that participated in Hrubieszow.)
unknown Georgi*
Gustav Hermann Heinrich Hanelt*
(Note: Hanelt was born 21.09.1914 in Schmachthagen)
Max Junker - likely killed
Fritz Kalich*
unknown Klein*
unknown Krener*
Friedrich Wilhelm Kruger - committed suicide
Hans Jacob Lauffs - 5 years imprisonment
Hans Lenk - killed in 1944
unknown Majke*
unknown Meizen*
Dr. Mosbach (or Mutersbach)*
Herbert Naumann*
Hans Offermann - 5 years imprisonment
unknown Pronenberg*
Friedel Rau*
unknown Schlesinger*
Gottfried Schmidt *
unknown Schwenk*
(Note: Possibly Fritz Schwenke)
Johann Scheuerer*
Edward Shutt or Schmidt - executed
Siegmund Stegmann - executed
Otto Strossenreuther*
Karl Streibel~
Adam Ulrich*
Karl Herbert Ulbrich*
Henning von Winterfeld*

S.S. in Jozefow

The Hamburg Reserve Police Battalion 101 participated in the mass extermination of Jozefow's Jewish
community. The battalion departed Hamburg on 21.06.1942 with a total of 11 officers, 5 administrators,
and 486 men, i.e. a total of 502 men. The battalion was divided into a battalion staff and three companies.
The battalion was led by Major Wilhelm Trapp. Two of the companies were commanded by captains, the third
by a lieutenant. In addition to the small company staffs, each company was composed of three platoons. Generally,
two of the three platoons were led by lieutenants and the third by a non-commissioned officer. The platoons
were further divided into groups of about ten men, with a non-commissioned officer in charge. The battalion
was lightly armed, having only four machine guns per company to augment the rifles that its men carried. The
battalion had its own transport, which included trucks and, for conducting patrols, bicycles. Among those who partook:

Commander: Major Wilhelm "Papa" Trapp (executed 1948)
Adjutant Lieutenant Haalck
1st Company: Captain Julius Wohlauf (born 1913, 8 year sentence, died 2002)
1st Company after November 1, 1942: Captain Steidtmann
1st Platoon: Second Lieutenant Boysen
2nd Platoon: Second Lieutenant (Reserve) Heinz Buchmann
(Note: Buchmann asked to be re-assigned because he did not want to murder Jews.)
3rd Platoon: Zugwachmeister Junge
2nd Company: Lieutenant Hartwig Gnade (born 1894)
2nd Company after June 1943: Lieutenant Dreyer
1st Platoon: Second Lieutenant Schurer
2nd Platoon: Second Lieutenant (Reserve) Kurt Dreyer
3rd Platoon: Hauptwachmeister Starke
3rd Company: Captain Wolfgang Hoffmann (born 1914)
3rd Company after December 1942: Unknown
1st Platoon: Second Lieutenant Pauly
2nd Platoon: Second Lieutenant Hachmeister
3rd Platoon: Hauptwachmeister Juckmann

In 1968 the Hamburg District Court (Landgericht Hamburg) established the following in reference to the entire
battalion's first action in the Jozefow area: "The battalion commander Major Wilhelm Trapp addressed the
battalion. He explained the mission to the men. He made it plain that all Jews in the town were to be shot. He
told the men to think of their women and children at home who had to endure aerial bombardment, many of whom
would lose their lives. At the end of his address, Trapp announced that those elder members of the battalion
who did not feel up to the mission should step forward. Around 11 troops did step forward.

The evacuation commandos of the 1st and 2nd companies had the mission of driving together all the
inhabitants of the Jewish quarter, who could walk, into the market square. The uniformed police
(Schutzpolizei) forced their way into, and searched the houses. The Jews were collected from the
unloading point by the execution commandos. Each individual rifleman picked a new victim from the row of
waiting victims and accompanied him to the place of execution. There, the Jews had to lie down facing
the ground. They were killed with a rifle shot in the back of the head. The mission was completed by the
late afternoon. The Hamburg court found that the killings in Jozefow were carried out willingly and
consciously in that each rifleman sought out and killed his own victim.

S.S. in Krasnystaw

Kurt Engels - committed suicide
Hartmut Gerstenhauer*
Claus Harms*
Ludwig Klem (Klemm)*
Rudolf Rieger - executed
Adolf Schmidt*
Johann Scheuerer*
Claus Volkmann
Henning von Winterfeld*

S.S. in Krasnobrod

Maximilian Zillenbiller - executed

S.S. in Lubartow

Julius Janke*
Julius Kittel*
Paul Kindler*
Reinhard Lorenz*
Jozef Mueller
(mayor of Lubartow who tortured civilians, organized round-ups, and sent prisoners to forced labor)
Kurt Reichelt or Reichel*
Peter Steinmetz*
David Walter*
Karl Witte*

S.S. in Niedrzwica Duza

Friedrich Fritz Thomke - executed in 1960

S.S. at Osowa

Johann Beike*

S.S. in Ostrow Lubelski

Hans Cygan*
unknown Arn - killed before 1945

S.S. in Parczew & Radzyn Podlaski

Fritz Adolf Fischer*
Heinz Rieck (Reich)*

Nazis at Poniatowa, including Friedrich Schmidt, Dietrich Allers, Siegfried Graetschus (tentative),
Gottlieb Hering, Jakob Sporrenberg (tentative), Heinrich Glei (tentative).

S.S. in Piaski

Walter Prochnow*

S.S. at Poniatowa Camp

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S.S. in Pulawy

Maximilian Beigart - sentenced to death
Alfred Brandt (born 5.18.1895 in Walsee) - shot by USSR in 1945
Reinhardt Lorenz*
Friedrich Trampedach*

S.S. in Rejowiec

unknown Astar
unknown Bayko* (28 years old)
unknown Hilvert*
Gustav Jeski*
unknown Layis
Johann Loeffler*
Ostar Peter (Otto Peter?)

S.S. in Sawin

Teodor Ondyk or Ondyt

S.S. in Szczebrzeszyn

unknown Babiarz*
unknown Borotzki*
unknown Kercher*
unknown Kraus*
unknown Maier/Meyer*
unknown Majewski* from Bilgoraj
unknown Matysiak (Matusiak)*
unknown Pritzing*
Jan Siering - executed

S.S. at Sobibor Camp

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S.S. in Tomaszow Lubelski

Erwin Beier*
Willi Bornemann*
unknown Derger - killed
Friedrich Gerkemeier*
unknown Linkier*
unknown Matuszkiewicz - killed
Walter Panzer* (or Anzer)
Ignacy Perczak*
unknown Prokoff*
unknown Sierpinski - killed

S.S. at Trawniki Camp

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S.S. in Turobin

unknown Bauer*
Geniek Brankovic*

S.S. in Tyszowce

Karl Ebeling (born 11.29.1905 in Renda) - 3 years imprisonment
Ernst Heinrich Schulz
Otto Volkmann*
Johann Zrenner*

S.S. in Wlodawa

Werner "Hans" Ansel
Hans Augustyn*
Reinhold Bozeniusz - executed
Willi Delius (born 1896) - likely killed
(involved in the shooting of Jews at the Adampol Labor Camp)
Bernhard Falkenberg
(Note: He's listed as among the Righteous Among the Nations at Yad Vashem.)
Luitpold Fuhrmann - 2 years imprisonment
(Leading the squad of gendarmes who were rushing Jews to Sobibor in 1942)
Vanya Georgi*
(Ukrainian who oversaw the property destruction of Jews in Wlodawa.)
unknown Groh*
unknown Grim or Grimm*
unknown Gutsche*
Jozef Jowik - executed
unknown Hammer*
Julian Kelm*
unknown Knauf*
Alois Lanz*
Anton Mueller - 5 years imprisonment
Richard Nitschke - 5 years imprisonment
Gerhard Rossberger* (born 1916)
Adolf Schaub - 2 years imprisonment
Josef Schmidt - 3 years imprisonment
Hubert Schoenborn - committed suicide
Wilhelm Willy Selinger*
unknown Strojholz*

S.S. in Wysokie

Hermann Rogin*
(Responsible for transporting Jews from Sitaniec and Wysokie to Zamosc
on Sept. 8, 1941 and Dec. 6, 1942)

S.S. in Zaklikow/Modliborzyce

Wilhelm Bekier*
unknown Kleber*
unknown Majke*
Franciszek Moszczynski*
(Commander of the German police)
unknown Schwenk*

S.S. in Zakrzowek

Adam Ulrich*

S.S. in Zamosc

Ryszard or Richard Barda*
(Murdered at least 300 Jews.)
Erwin Beier*
Artur Bernat (Bernard)* from Silesia
Adalbert Berninger - life imprisonment, died 1954
Julian Betcher - 10 years imprisonment
Else Betke (also listed as Herta Belke) - executed
Hans Block - died in 1944
Adolf Bohlmann (born 1899 in Berlin) - killed in 1945
Karl G. Buck - killed in 1939
Hermann Dolp - killed before 1946
unknown Emersleben*
(note: Probably Ludolf von Alvensleben)
Robert Fekle*
unknown Fritz (Fritsche)*
Herbert Genz - killed in 1944
Paul Gustav Giebe*
Julius Gloe*
Robert Golke*
unknown Heimann*
Franz Herold - killed by partisans in Siedliska in 1943
unknown Hubner (Huebner)
unknown Klukecki*
Robert Kolb (Kalb) - killed in 1945
Kurt Korda*
Walter Kott*
Alexis Kruger (Krueger) - died in 1943
Hermann Krumey - life imprisonment
Heinrich Kuhlman (Kullmann)
(persecuted laborers in Borawienia near Zamosc during 1941-1945 and murdered Jews in Zamosc)
Heinrich Langenkaemper*
Peter Paul Lucht*
Bruno Meiert (aka Ulrich Schlichting)
unknown Neuberger*
Kazimierz Olecht
Walther Olsen*
Hans Pinkowski*
(Note: Pienkowski was also the chief at the Janowice Labor Camp.)
unknown Reibenshein*
Oskar Reichwein*
Herman Rogin
unknown Rohlman (Rohlmann)*
unknown Schmidt*
Kurt Gotthard Schubert (born 1913 in Honigern) - 6 years imprisonment
Ernst Heinrich Schulz
Hans Jurgen Schulz - died in 1948
Alois Schwerhoff (Schauerhaf)* (born 1912 in Reken)
Jan Siering - executed
Feliks Szyper*
Jan Tyndorf*
Willy Voigt*
Max Vogl (Vogel)*
Helmut Weihenmaier*
Erich Wendland - died in 1961
unknown Winkel*
H. Maksymilian Zelenbiller - executed
(Participated in aktions in Bondyrz and Susiec near Zamosc bet. Oct. 1942 and March 1943)

Additional Resources:

Zentralbauletiung der Waffen SS und Polizei in Lublin
Includes data about KGL (Kriegsgefangenenlager) Lublin and "Lager F" in Lublin

Records from trials at the District Court in Zamosc, 1945‒1966
Listing is for crimes committed by the Germans and their collaborators.

Struktura Osobowa Wladz Obozu Koncentracyjnego Na Majdanku by Zofia Leszczynska
This book includes an alphabetical list of the Nazi SS authorities of Majdanek, both male and female.
Lists last name, first name, date of birth, rank and function at Majdanek. Followed by photos of 56 guards.

Procesy zbrodniarzy Majdanka i stan aktualnie prowadzonych sledztw by Anna Wisniewska
This book includes a list of 14 of the Nazi SS authorities of Majdanek Camp.