Misapplication of Tikkun Olam Is Harming Jewish Communities

Social justice is defined as "distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society". In Judaism, the concept of Tikkun Olam is often equated with social justice. Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, is included in the Aleinu, which Jews recite three times daily. We are taught by early rabbis in the Mishnah that repairing the world can only come through believing in the sovereignty of the Almighty, fulfilling the mitzvot (commandments), and participating in tzedaka (charity).

Tikkun Olam, therefore, has few political applications. It applies, rather, to one's personal behavior and how you and I as Jews conduct ourselves in our daily lives. The Milwaukee Jewish Federation, like other Jewish institutions throughout the U.S., has rejected the traditional definition of Tikkun Olam in order to advance their left-wing political motivations. In doing so, they have divided an already tiny Jewish community of 30,000 people into slices.

Here are some of the far-left political stances taken by the Milwaukee Jewish Federation which serve only to divide and alienate Jews in Milwaukee:
Of course, none of these issues relate to Tikkun Olam or to any other concept in traditional Jewish literature. But the Milwaukee Jewish Federation's left-wing team of zealots continue to divide and alienate all who disagree with them. PLEASE CONTACT THE MILWAUKEE JEWISH FEDERATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS and ask that Hannah Rosenthal and Elana Kahn Oren be removed from their positions of power within the Jewish community. All Jews — not just left-wing Jews — merit representation by the official Jewish organizations in the Milwaukee community.


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