My Family History

"I will give them an everlasting name that shall not be cut off." -- Isaiah 56.5

I have been interested in family history and genealogy since the late-1990s. My research has been on and off and is scattered and disorganized. With the help of cousins from across the globe and my own research, I have been able to identify ancestors from Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland/Russia, and Slovenia/Yugoslavia. My Jewish ancestry traces back to Spain in the 16th Century, so I am interested in identifying Jews from Poland whose ancestors originated in Spain. I also have many branches of Catholic ancestors as well as one Lutheran branch.

All of my ancestors migrated to either Washington County, Wisconsin or Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so much of my research in the U.S. is focused on Germans or Eastern Europeans who settled in Wisconsin. Most of my research in the U.S. is complete, so my primary concentration is on Eastern Europe. I have created memorial websites for the shtetls where my ancestors were expelled by the Nazis, including Chełm, Czemierniki, Hrubieszów, Kraśnik, Krasnystaw, Kryłów, Lublin, Piaski Luterskie, Sawin, Świerże, Tyszowce, Wieliczka, and Zamość in Poland. My grandmother is one of the few survivors of the Dubno Ghetto and my grandparents met at the Zeilsheim Displaced Persons Camp in Frankfurt, Germany.

Most of my ancestors were common, hard-working people who were connected to their spirituality and involved in their communities. My most notable relatives include the castellan Wolf Eisenbart (16th century), early medicine man Johannes Andreas Eisenbarth (1663-1727) and U.S. Olympic wrestler Ed Don George (1905-1985), one a great-uncle and the latter two distant cousins. I am a first cousin, twice removed of MaryKnoll missionary Father George Hirschboeck (1922-1993), a first cousin, three times removed of the composer of the "32nd Division March" song, Theodore Steinmetz (1880-1951), and a second cousin, twice removed of John Steinmetz (1931-1980), founder of the successful 1950s barbershop quartet "The Four Teens". I'm also cousins with the late Rabbi Moshe Klig (1846-unknown) of Hrubieszow, Rabbi Yaakov Peretz Zysberg (~1847-unknown) of Lublin, his son Rabbi Alter Reuven Zysberg (1872-1942), Rabbi Pinchas Biterman (1885-1942) of Horodlo, Rabbi Szmul Ber Uszer Kac (1905-Holocaust) of Chelm, Zionist pioneers Aizik Finger (1905-1945) and his son Mikhael Finger Drori (1920-1998), pianista Guta Zajfen (1906-Holocaust), Rabbi Kiwa Biterman (1918-Holocaust) of Bialystok, Yiddish actor Szymon Szurmiej, Jewish partisan leader Chaim Feferkorn (1921-unknown), international humanitarian Sister Mary Mercy (1903-1986), former Dean of the Medical College of Wisconsin (then Marquette Medical College) John S. Hirschboeck (1916-1990), noted attorney Jay Sekulow, mathematician Melvin Dresher (1911-1992), President of the Mexican College of Orthopedics and Traumatology Dr. José Cymet Ramirez, Professor of Medicine at the Technion Dr. Haim Bitterman, Major League Baseball umpires John Hirschbeck and Mark Hirschbeck, former Minnesota Twins outfielder J.T. Bruett, actor Michael Biehn from the movie Terminator, and "Marilyn Manson" drummer Jason Sutter.

I have an ancestor who built church clocks in the Milwaukee area, an ancestor who knit layettes for German royalty, and several ancestors who were either doctors or teachers in sixteenth and seventeenth century France and Germany. Several ancestors fought valiantly in wars, including the Civil War, the Seven Weeks War, the Franco-Prussian War, and World War Two. My great-grandfather Joe Hirschboeck served in the U.S. Navy, while my grandfather Judah Biterman served in the Polish Army and my great-grandfather Gershon Fuks served in the Russian Army.

I have three Meyer/Maier/Myer lines of direct ancestors -- two in France and one in Germany, two separate Rath lines -- in Germany and Slovenia, two Deibler/Deubler lines from Bavaria, two Pruen/Pruem/Prum lines in western Germany, two Schmitt lines in Alsace, France, and quite a few Kac/Katz lines in southeast Poland.

In my family history quest, I have identified 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, 16 2nd great-grandparents, 32 3rd great-grandparents, 60 4th great-grandparents, 76 5th great-grandparents, 60 6th great-grandparents, and 64 7th great-grandparents. Therefore out of a total of 1,022 ancestors back to the 10th generation (1600s), I've identified 324 ancestors.

I encourage you to get in touch with me if you think we are related.

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DIRECT ANCESTORS SURNAMES LIST (with linked genealogies) - See below

JEWISH: Adler (Tyszowce and Hrubieszów, POL) * Ajzen (Dubienka, POL) * Biterman (Kryłów and Hrubieszów, POL) [PHOTOS]
Borg (Tyszowce, POL) * Brumer (Zamość, Lublin, POL) * Czesna/Czesny/Czesner (Chełm and Wlodawa, POL) * Feferkorn (Czemierniki
and Parczew, POL) * Fuks (Piaski/Swierze/Krasnystaw/Zamość, POL) [PHOTOS] * Golomb/Golab (Kryłów and Tyszowce, POL)
Gran (Kryłów, POL) * Gruber (Hrubieszów, POL) * Kac (Lukowa/Lukow, POL) * Kac/Katz (Swierze, Poland) * Kiper (Kryłów, POL)
Lazer/Lazar (Grabowiec and Chełm, POL) * Mahl (Lednica/Wieliczka, POL and Zamość, POL) * Matys (Zamość, Lublin, POL)
Orensztejn/Orensztajn/Orenstein (Chełm, POL) * Szerer/Szorer (Tyszowce, POL) * Szlomowicz/Szlomawicz (Kryłów, Lublin, POL)
Szok (Krasnystaw, Lublin, POL) * Zysberg/Zizberg/Zisberg (Kraśnik, Lublin, POL)
LUTHERAN: Kelting (Elmshorn/Hamburg, Holstein, DEU/DNK) * Kölln/Koelln (Hainholz, Holstein, DEU/DNK) * Lent/Lenten
(Elmshorn/Hamburg, Holstein, DEU/DNK) * Rieck (Hainholz, Holstein, DEU/DNK) * Schoof/Schof (Neuendorf, Holstein, DEU/DNK)
CATHOLIC: Aschenbrenner (Haibühl/Arrach, Bayern, DEU) * Barthel (Riedseltz, Alsace, FRA) * Bauch/Bauchs (Binsfield,
Nordrhein-Westphalen, DEU) * Becitter (Burgheim, Bayern, DEU) * Beringer (Rozmyšl, Sudetenland, BOH/CZK)
Bernier (Altenstadt/Wissembourg, Bas Rhin, Alsace, FRA) * Betz/Bets/Bez (Burgheim/Wellheim, Bayern, DEU)
Böhles/Boehles/Boelles/Buehler (Saalfelden, Tyrol, AUT and Alsace, FRA) * Braa/Brah/Praa [1] [2] [3] (Altenstadt/Neuburg am
Rhein/Riedseltz, FRA) * Braun/Brauns/Braurs/Brungs (Nörvenich, Nordrhein-Westphalen, DEU) * Brunsfeldt (Hochkirchen, DEU)
Buckenmeyer [1] (Riedseltz, Alsace, FRA) * Crantz (Nordrhein-Westphalen, DEU) * Cüper/Cüpers/Cuepers/Cueppers
(Eggersheim, Rhineland, DEU) * Deibler/Deubler/Dübler (Herblingen/Bühlingen, Bayern, DEU) * Doll/Toll (Rommelsheim/Binsfield,
Nordrhein-Westphalen, DEU) [PHOTOS] * Duffner (Fremdingen, Bayern, DEU) * Eisenbarth (Aalen and Herblingen, DEU)
Engel (Nemmenich, Rhineland, DEU) * Esch (Rommelsheim/Binsfield/Düren, Rhineland, DEU) * Esser (Binsfield, Nordrhein-
Westphalen, DEU) * Fasbender (Eggersheim, Nordrhein-Westphalen, DEU) * Frank (Vallendar, Palatinate, DEU) [PHOTOS]
Frison (Maikammer/Edesheim, Palatinate, DEU and Riedseltz, FRA) * Gabriel [1] [2] [3] (Scheibenhard, Alsace, FRA)
Gartz/Gartzens/Gartsen (Nörvenich, Rhineland, DEU) * Gracher/Gratcher (Maribor, Slovenia/SLV) * Grül/Greil/Gruel (Zwiesel,
Bayern, DEU) * Grimm (Fremdingen, Bayern, DEU) * Hagenlaeger/Hagenleger/Hagenläger (Zülpich/Geich, Rhineland, DEU)
Hamann/Haman (Lam, Bayern, DEU) * Heinen/Heinens (Sinzenich/Nörvenich, Nordrhein-Westphalen, DEU) * Hellig
(Lauterbourg, Alsace, FRA) * Hirschböck/Hirschboeck/Hirschbeck (Burgheim, Bayern, DEU) [PHOTOS] * Hönigen/
(Nemmenich/Zülpich/Geich, Rhineland, DEU) * Hoffmann (Salmbach, Bas Rhin, FRA)
Hüniger/Hünigers/Hueninger/Huenigen (Geich/Füssenich/Nörvenich, DEU) * Jansen (Norvenich, DEU) * Käyser/Kaiser/Keyser
(Eggersheim/Irresheim, Rhineland, DEU) * Kerp/Kerps (Binsfield, Nordrhein-Westphalen, DEU) * Kluft/Klöft/Klufft (Vallendar,
Rhineland-Pfalz, DEU) * Kolb (Riedseltz, Alsace, FRA) [PHOTOS] * Krauž/Krause/Krausz (Rozmyšl, Sudetenland, BOH/CZK)
Lanzinner (Belzheim, Bayern, DEU) * Lemberger [1] (Lam, Bayern, DEU) [PHOTOS] [1] * Lenzen/Lenz/Lentz/Lentzen
(Rommelsheim/Binsfield, Rhineland, DEU) * Liebl/Leibl (Lam, Bayern, DEU) * Lihl/Lihlen/Lill/Luehl/Lühl (Mühlberg/
Lesík, BOH/CZK) * Lipp/Lipps (Hochkirchen, Rhineland, DEU) * Lux (Riedseltz, Alsace, FRA) * Mayr/Mayer/Maier/Myer
(Burgheim, Bayern, DEU) * Meuter/Meutter (Binsfield, Nordrhein-Westphalen, DEU) * Meyer/Maier [1] (Riedseltz, Alsace, FRA)
Müller/Mueller (Lam, Bayern, DEU) * Neumayr/Neumayer (Haibühl/Ottenzel, Bayern, DEU) * Pecher/Becher (Mühlberg/Lesík,
Sudetenland, BOH/CZK) [PHOTOS] * Peischl/Pöschl (Lam, Bayern, DEU) * Pfisterer (Seidelsdorf, Bayern, DEU) * Pilch
(Schloßberg/Leutschach, Steirmark, AUT) [PHOTO] * Pirzl/Pirzel (Lam, Bayern, DEU) * Pritzl/Pritzel (Lam, Bayern, DEU)
Prüm/Pruem/Proem (Nörvenich, Rhineland, DEU) * Proen (Zülpich/Geich, Rhineland, DEU) * Pütz/Puetz (Dorweiler/Nörvenich,
Rhineland, DEU) * Rath (Šober/Pekre, Maribor, Slovenia/SLV) * Rath/Raths (Geich/Zülpich, Rhineland, DEU) * Reichel/Reichl
(Burgheim, Bayern, DEU) * Reifferscheid (Eggersheim, Nordrhein-Westphalen, DEU) * Reimer/Riemer (Nörvenich, Nordrhein-
Westphalen, DEU) * Rezner/Reizner/Reitner (Bernau/Bernov, BOH/CZK) * Roßperger/Roszperger/Rossperger/Roßberger
(Lam, Bayern, DEU) * Sadler/Satler (Bernau/Bernov, Sudetenland, BOH/CZK) * Schäfen/Schaefen/Schaeven (Dorweiler/Nörvenich,
Rhineland, DEU) * Schaeffer/Schäffer (Lauterbourg, Bas Rhin, FRA) * Scheben/Scheven/Schaeven/Schaeffen (Dorweiler/
Nörvenich, Rhineland, DEU) * Schiller (Altenstadt/Wissembourg, Alsace, FRA) * Schmaltz (Scheibenhard/Lauterbourg, Alsace, FRA)
Schmitt (Riedseltz, Alsace, FRA) * Schuller (Altenstadt/Wissembourg, Alsace, FRA) * Schweins/Schwaan (Hochkirchen/
Dorweiler, Rhineland, DEU) * Schwinger (Burgheim, Bayern, DEU) * Sperl (Lam, Bayern, DEU) * Stoberl/Stoeberl (Lam, DEU)
Strablegg (Schloßberg/Leutschach, Steirmark, AUT) [PHOTO] * Taglieber (Enslingen/Herblingen, Bayern, DEU) * Toll/Doll
(Binsfield, Rheinland, DEU) [PHOTOS] * Traurig (Lam, Bayern, DEU) * Vasbender (Eggersheim, Rheinland, DEU) * Vehovar
(Pekre, Maribor, Slovenia/SLV) [PHOTO] * Vehovsky (SLV/CZK/SVK) * Vögel/Vögl (Lam, Bayern, DEU) * Weber (Salmbach,
Alsace, FRA) * Weiland (Maikammer, Palatinate, DEU) * Weissenburger (Lauterbourg, Alsace, FRA) * Westhoven (Geich/
Zülpich, Rhineland, DEU) * Zimmer/Zimmerman (Eggersheim, Rhineland, DEU) * Zinkh/Zink (Herblingen, Bayern, DEU)

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