Schwinger Family Genealogy


The Schwinger family originated in Burgheim, a small market village in the administrative region Oberbayern (Upper Bavaria, although it is the most southern part of Bayern, so the title is perhaps a misrepresentation). Munich and Ingolstadt are in this administrative region. The sub-region (Kreis) where Burgheim is located is called Neuburg-Schrobenhausen near Swabia and consists of the previously swampy areas between the Danube and Paar Rivers that are called the Donaumoos.

The Schwinger family was Roman Catholic. Joannes Schwinger was a weaver. The godfather of their daughter Maria Anna was Jacob Rueff, shoemaker, and his wife Maria Anna (roll 2, page 60). Maria Anna Schwinger and Joseph Reichl had a son out of wedlock when Andreas was born on Nov. 30, 1795. The birth was later legitimized by the church after the couple wed in 1797.


The surname Schwinger is either an occupational name for someone whose job was to swingle flax (beat the flax with a swingle in order to remove the woody parts of the plant prior to spinning) from Middle German swingen or "to swing" or a habitational name originating from Schwingen (Bavaria) -- a town two hours north of Burgheim in the northern section of the Bayern province.

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Surnames of those in my direct ancestral line appear in BOLD.

Descendants of Joannes Schwinger

1 Johann Schwinger b: in Burgheim, Germany d: Bef. 1798
.. + Catharina (unknown) b: unknown d: unknown
.......... 2 Maria Anna Schwinger b: unknown m: May 8, 1797 d: unknown
.............+ Josephus Reichl b: March 17, 1764 in Burgheim d: Aft. 1797

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