Betz Family Genealogy

The Betz family originated in Burgheim, a small market village in the administrative region Oberbayern (Upper Bavaria, although it is the most southern part of Bayern, so the title is perhaps a misrepresentation). Munich and Ingolstadt are in this administrative region. The sub-region (Kreis) where Burgheim is located is called Neuburg-Schrobenhausen near Swabia and consists of the previously swampy areas between the Danube and Paar Rivers that are called the Donaumoos.

The Betz family was Roman Catholic. The surname Betz originates from a pet form of the personal names Berthold or Bernhard. It is south German in origin.

The surname was also spelled Bez, Pez, and Petz. In the 1761 marriage record of Victoria Betz and Cosmas Reichl, Joseph Pez (Bez) is listed as a witness to the marriage. He resided in Wellheim. There is presumably some family relationship between Joseph Betz in Wellheim and Maria Victoria Betz.

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Surnames of those in my direct ancestral line appear in BOLD.

Descendants of Joseph Betz

1 Joseph Betz b: unknown d: Bef. 1761 in Burgheim
..+ Maria Hilaria (unknown) b: unknown d: Bef. 1761 in Burgheim
........ 2 Maria Victoria Betz b: Sept. 28, 1741 in Burgheim d: Aft. 1797 in Burgheim
..........+ Cosmas Reichl b: Dec. 5, 1734 in Burgheim d: unknown
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