Deibler/Deubler Family Genealogy


The surname Deibler (Deubler) is a common surname in Bavaria (Bayern) Germany.

I have two separate Deibler branches from the area of Fremdingen, Germany, one branch from the village of Herblingen and another branch from the village of Buhlingen. Both branches were Roman Catholic.

Herblingen is a tiny village that had 56 houses and a population of around 250 people in 1800. Every man in the village was a farmer. The current population is 207 people. Herblingen is part of the community Fremdingen, which has 2,000 people in 12 villages. According to information at the Fremdingen website, the area has been populated since the Stone Age. A nearby river (Mauch) offered a water source, the deep forests offered timber, game, and fruits, and the soil was suitable for cattle breeding and agriculture. Buhlingen is three minutes west of Herblingen (by car).


The surname Deibler is an occupational name for a dove keeper, from an agent derivative of the Middle High German tube or "dove" (see Taube).

The surname Lanzinner refers to lanz, which means 'land' or 'territory'.

If you see any connections in the below, please contact me.

Surnames of those in my direct ancestral line appear in BOLD.

Deibler Family #1
Descendants of Michael Deibler

1 Michael Deibler b: unknown d: Nov. 4, 1723 in Herblingen
occupation: Innkeeper
.. + Eva Lanzinner b: unknown d: October 1723 in Herblingen
........ 2 Margaretha Deibler b: Abt. 1704 in Herblingen d: Jun. 6, 1780 in Herbligen
...........+ Leonhard Eisenbarth b: Abt. 1686 in Fremdingen m: Jan 27, 1729
.............. in Herblingen d: Feb. 19, 1771 in Herblingen, Germany

Deibler Family #2
Descendants of Hans Georg Deibler

1 Hans Georg Deibler b: unknown d: unknown
.. + Ursula (unknown) b: unknown d: Buhlingen, Germany d: unknown
........ 2 Maria Anna Deibler b: March 27, 1731 in Buhlingen m: Jan. 17, 1758 in Herblingen
........... d: Nov. 7, 1777 in Herblingen
...........+ Sebastian Zinkh b: Jan. 18, 1731 in Herblingen d: Jan. 18, 1795 in Herblingen
................. 3 Barbara Zinkh b: Dec. 1, 1767 in Herblingen d: Nov. 3, 1801 in Herblingen
.....................+ Kaspar Eisenbarth b: March 5, 1743 in Herblingen, Bayern, Germany
........................ m: June 23, 1793 in Herblingen d: March 6, 1812 in Herblingen

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