Kraus/Krausz Family Genealogy


The Kraus (also spelled Krausz and Krause) family resided in Rossmeisl (Rozmysl), Bohemia, today known as Rozmysl, Czech Republic.

Today there are places called Dolni Rozmysl (called Deutschbundesort in German) and Horni Rozmysl, neighboring villages south and west of Nejdek. The current population of the village is 29 people. It is one part of a larger village called Dolni Nivy.

Christian Krausz was a farmer at house #17 in Rossmeisl. The Kraus family was Roman Catholic.

A picture of the village.


The surname Krause is from the Middle High German kraus or "pitcher" (jug), a metonymic occupational name for a maker or seller of jugs or a nickname for a heavy drinker.

The surname Beringer originates from the Germanic personal name Beringer, composed of the elements berin + ger -- or "(warrior) fighting with a spear".

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Surnames of those in my direct ancestral line appear in BOLD.

Descendants of Christian Krausz (Krause)

1 Christian Krausz b: in Rossmeisl, Bohemia (Rozmysl, Czech Republic) d: unknown
.. + Barbara Beringer b: in Rossmeisl, Bohemia d: unknown
........ 2 Elisabeth Krausz b: Abt. 1824 in Rozmysl d: unknown
............ + Anton Pecher b: 1819 in Bohemia d: unknown
............. [click here for more information on this line]


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