Song of the Jewish Partisans

Below is the song of the Jewish partisans of Poland.

Words to the Song of Jewish Partisans

Zog Nit KeynmolSong of the Jewish Partisans
Zog nit keyn mol az du geyst dem letsten veg,
Khotsh himlen blayene farsthtelen bloye teg
Kumen vet nokh undzer oysgebenkte sha'ah,
S'vet a poyk ton undzer trot mir zaynen do!

Never say you are walking your final road
Though leaden skies conceal the days of blue
The hour that we have longed for will appear,
Our steps will beat out like drums: We are here!
Fun grinem palmenland biz vaysen land fun shney,
Mir kumen on mit undzer payn, mit undzer vey
Un vu gefalen s'iz a shpritz fun undzer blut,
Shprotzen vet dort undzer gevurah, undzer mut.

From the green lands of palm trees to lands white with snow,
We are coming with our all pain and all our woe
Wherever a spurt of our blood has fallen to the ground,
There our might and our courage will sprout again.
S'vet di morgenzum bagilden undz dem haynt,
Un der nekhten vet farshvinden miten faynd
Nor oyb farzamen vet di zun in dem kayor,
Vi a parol zol geyn dos lid fun dor tsu dor.

The morning sun will shine on us one day,
Our enemy will vanish and fade away.
But if the sun and dawn come too late for us,
From generation to generation let them be singing this song.
Dos lid geshriben iz mit blut un nit mit blay,
S'iz nit keyn lidel fun a foygel oyf der fray,
Dos hot a folk tsvishen falendike vent,
Dos lid gezungen mit naganes in di hent!

This song is written in blood not in pencil lead.
It is not sung by the free-flying birds overhead,
But a people stood among collapsing walls,
And sang this song with pistols in their hands!


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