Aaron Biterman's Photo Journal
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Photos of Paternal Lines


My paternal line is based in Eastern Europe, specifically in the Lublin region of southeastern Poland. The entire family is Jewish; much of the family was done away with in World War II. This photo album serves as a memorial.

Judka and Tauba (Fuks) Biterman

One of the only surviving members of the Biterman extended family -- Michael Finger (with family)

Shirley (Biterman) Fuld and daughter Melissa

Aaron and cousin Melissa

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Photo of Judka and Tauba Biterman, circa 1950

Son and father -- Aaron Biterman (left) and Joel Biterman (right)

Aunt Shirley, Aaron, and Bubbe

Holocaust victims
The first family of Judka Biterman, pre-WWII; includes unknown woman (back, right) and boy (center)

Bluma Folk Biterman, wife of Judka Biterman, is in the above photo along with her son Chaim and her daughter Sala. All of them were killed in the Holocaust.

Tauba Biterman (front, left) and Judka Biterman (back, right)

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