Poniatowa Labor Camp: List of the SS Men

Nazis at Poniatowa, including Friedrich Schmidt, Dietrich Allers, Siegfried Graetschus (tentative),
Gottlieb Hering, Jakob Sporrenberg (tentative), Heinrich Glei (tentative).

Below is a list of the S.S. men at the Poniatowa Labor Camp near Lublin, Poland during the Holocaust.
The list is very incomplete since nearly all of the prisoners at the camp were murdered.

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Nazis at Poniatowa
(Partial Listing)

1. Odilo Globocnik - committed suicide
2. Gottlieb Hering - died of illness
3. Max Horn
4. Georg Wippern - fate unknown
5. Bernhard Wallerang - killed before 1945 by partisans
....Co-leader of the camp, with Gley.
6. Heinrich Gley (also listed as Herman Glei) - died in 1985 without being punished

Other S.S.:
7. August Dietrich Allers - 8 years imprisonment
8. unknown Backhaus - killed before 1945
9. Kapo Ernst Reinhard Bauch - committed suicide
10. unknown Belinsky (Bielinski) - fate unknown
11. Werner Blankenburg - died in 1957
12. Hans Girtzig - was never punished for his crimes
13. Hubert Gomerski - life imprisonment
14. Siegfried Graetschus - killed at Sobibor in 1943
15. Otto Hantke - life imprisonment
16. Walter Klos - killed before 1945
17. Erwin Hermann Lambert - 7 years imprisonment
18. August Miete - life imprisonment
19. Gustav Munzberger - 12 years imprisonment
20. Karl Schluch - was never punished for his crimes
21. Karol Schmidt- fate unknown
22. Waldemar Schneider (Sznajder) - fate unknown
23. Kurt Gotthard Schubert - 6 years imprisonment
24. Jakob Sporrenberg - executed
25. Walter Toebbens - 10 years imprisonment
26. Gustav Wagner - committed suicide
27. Bruno Winterholz - fate unknown
28. Franz Wolf - 8 years imprisonment
29. Josef Wolf - killed in Sobibor uprising
30. Hans Zanker - born 1905; posted to Italy; fate unknown

(Partial Listing)

1. Walter Berezowskyi (Berezowskyj)
2. Hans Brokerman
3. Petro Detrenko
4. Frederik Feitz
5. Wasyl Krysa
6. Fedir Kwoczak
7. Andrij Kuras
8. Iwan Mandyez (Mandycz)
9. unknown Nazarenko
10. Wasyl Odynsky
11. unknown Pursza
12. Dmytro Sawchuk

Ernst Jahn and his deputies Heinz Birmes, Schulten, Lehman, Lewicki, and Mohrman were directing the Toebbens workers' plant at the camp.

** Waffen-SS Sanitatsoffizier Bachaus (Bakchaus) committed a Rassenschande ("race shame") by associating with a Jewess in the Poniatowa camp hospital. Wirth and Oberhauser came to the camp and arrested Bachaus. After interrogating him for some hours, Wirth placed Bachaus before the SS/Police Court in Lublin, where he was tried, found guilty, and executed.

Further descriptions of what took place at the camp are available here.


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