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Pronunciation: Poritz

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Poryck, now called Pavlivka, is located in the Volhynia region of Ukraine, former Poland. After the partition
of Poland, the town became a part of the Russian empire. After World War I, Poryck again became part of
Poland. Poryck was inhabited by almost 2,000 people, half of whom were Jewish. The countryside was
populated mainly by Ukrainian peasants. In June of 1942, the Nazis captured the region. With the help of
the Ukrainian police, the Jews of Poryck and the Volhynia region were murdered. Ukrainians also
attempted to force Poles out of the region. On July 11, 1943, units of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army
murdered Polish inhabitants of the town. Most people were killed during a ceremony in a local Roman
Catholic church. The Ukrainians entered the church and threw grenades at the faithful. Then they shot at
them with machine guns and finally set fire on the church filled with people.

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The destroyed shul in Poryk.

A town plot before the Nazi invasion.

Jewish girls in Poryck, pre-war (undated).

1915, a view of Poryck in front of the Luga River.

Jewish children on the street, pre-war (undated).

A general view of the village, pre-war (undated). The synagogue appears in the back toward the left side.

A view of the village including the Catholic church.

Jewish children, 1915.

The Nazi invasion of Poryck, 1942.


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