Rath Family Genealogy


Great-great-great-grandmother Antonia Rath Vehovar was the daughter of Franz Rath and Theresia Gracher. There were six children in the family, of which Antonia was the youngest. She had four sisters: Theresia, Kunigunde (see name origins here), Helena, and Elisabetha; and one brother, Anton.

Antonia married Johann Baptist Vehovar and together they had three daughters. Antonia died of pneumonia at age 44 in 1893.

The family may have originated in the tiny hamlet of Šober, but eventually moved to Pekre outside of Maribor.

The family was Roman Catholic. They resided at house #8 in Pekre.


Pekre is a settlement southwest of Maribor in northeastern Slovenia. The major local landmark is the church on top of a small hill to the east of the main settlement. It is dedicated to Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows and was built as a pilgrimage church between 1832 and 1835. There are also four small chapel-shrines along the road leading up to the church. The current village population is 2,100.


Šober is a dispersed settlement in the hills northwest of Maribor in northeastern Slovenia. The local church, built on a hill above the settlement, is a landmark visible from afar. It is dedicated to Saint Urban and was built in the 16th century. Between 1784 and 1855 it was abandoned, and was then restored in 1860. The current population of the village is 200 people.


The surname Rath is a descriptive epithet for a wise person or counselor, from the Middle High German rat, or 'counsel' or 'advice'. It also means to 'stock' or 'supply'.

According to my great-grandmother, the surname was pronounced like "Rott".

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Surnames of those in my direct ancestral line appear in BOLD.

Descendants of Franz Rath

1 Franz Rath
..+ Theresia Gracher
....... 2 Theresia Rath b: Oct. 4, 1835 in Pekre, Slovenia d: unknown
....... 2 Kunegunde Rath b: Feb. 18, 1838 in Pekre, Slovenia d: unknown
....... 2 Helena Rath b: Aug. 18, 1840 in Pekre, Slovenia d: unknown
....... 2 Elisabeth Rath b: Nov. 5, 1842 in Pekre, Slovenia d: unknown
....... 2 Anton Rath b: May 18, 1845 in Pekre, Slovenia d: unknown
....... 2 Antonia Rath b: April 9, 1849 in Pekre, Slovenia m: Nov. 12, 1884 d: May 3, 1893
..........+ 2 Johann Baptist Vehovar b: June 21, 1858 in Slivnica d: Dec. 19, 1927 in Limbus, Slovenia
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