According to the U.S. State Department, most of the religious-based attacks in the U.S. are attacks on Jews. Of course, many of them fall under the guise of "anti-Israel", but we know they are attacking us because we are Jewish.

Here are some places where you can report such incidents:

1) FBI - Tips
Online form

2) U.S. Department of Justice
Community Relations Service
E-mail: Contact
Phone: (202) 305-2935

3) Department of Education (for college incidents)
Incident Complaint form

4) Office of Antiboycott Compliance Any person or company involved in interstate commerce who are engaged in a boycott
of, for example, Israel, can be reported under violation of the provisions of the Export
Administration Regulations. Call (202) 482-2381 or send e-mail to report the boycotters.

5) Simon Wiesenthal Center
Phone: (310) 553-9036 or (800) 900-9036 (toll free)

6) ADL
Report anti-Semitism form

7) UK -- CST
Phone: 020 8457 9999
Website: Report Anti-Semitic Behavior in the United Kingdom

8) World Jewish Congress
New York: Phone 212-755-5770 and E-mail
Brussels: Phone 212-755-4770 and E-mail
Geneva: Phone 212-755-3770 and E-mail
Israel: Phone 212-755-2770 and E-mail