Resources for Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors (3Gs)


This page links to resources that may be helpful to you as a 3G -- a grandson or granddaughter of Holocaust survivors.
We also have a collage of some notable and recognizable grandchildren of survivors.

Books & Articles

Holocaust book listing from Generations of the Shoah

Resources to Learn About/Combat Trauma and Anxiety

Trauma in Holocaust Survivor Descendants (2G and 3G)

Resources for Learning and Teaching

- Campaign to Make Shoah Education Mandatory in All 50 States (Facebook group)
- Facing History and Ourselves
- Genealogy for Descendants of the Holocaust
- Holocaust Teaching Resources
- If You Don't Have Mandatory Holocaust Education, DEMAND IT!
- Holocaust Discussion Groups in Foreign Languages
- Revolts and Uprisings by Jewish Partisans in the Lublin District
- Polish Resistance Movements and the Jews


- Contests and Scholarships

Resources for Remembering

- Holocaust Victims from My Family
- Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation
- Lasting Memory Foundation of Poland
- Yad Vashem: Submit Your Family Member
- Yizkor Books from JewishGen and the NY Public Library

Defending Israel

- The Anti-Zionist Network's False Claim to Represent Holocaust Survivors
- Common Misconceptions About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
- How Zionism Saved Lives During the Holocaust

Becoming an Accuracy Activist

- 3G Wikipedia Accuracy Project

Descendancy Groups

- Children of Survivors' Groups
- Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors Group on Facebook
....... a. in Australia
....... b. in Canada
....... c. in the UK
....... d. see also: Association of Jewish Refugees in the UK
- 3G New York
- 3G Boston
- 3G San Francisco (Facebook group)
- 3G Washington DC
- Lublin Area [Poland] Jewish Descendancy Organizations in Israel