What's so enticing about "liberty" to anti-Israel activists?

They look innocent enough. A group of students from the "Students for Liberty".

Lurking beyond the cute faces are some problematic ideas as it relates to how to treat minority groups under constitutionally limited government.

Liberty, properly defined, is the ability to live your life as you see fit so long as you are not infringing on your neighbors' right to do the same.

Many in the libertarian movement promote myths about Jews and Israel on a regular basis, including that "Jews are living on stolen land", that "Israel cannot play nice with neighboring countries", and that "Israel put Palestinians in concentration camps". These myths have no credibility with anyone paying close attention to the situation in the Middle East. Leading libertarian think-tanks like the Cato Institute promote unbelievable falsehoods about Israel, leading to a surge of anti-Jewish activity among self-professed libertarians.

The largest pro-liberty student group in the world, Students for Liberty (SFL), is no exception. SFL features campus chapters, hosts an international conference once per year, and sponsors a number of regional conferences. A dangerous trend in its conferences has been featuring radical anti-Israel and/or anti-Jewish activists, including the following persons who are active with the organization or have spoken before large groups of students as guests of the Students for Liberty:

- Moriah N. Costa
- Matthew Needham
- James Padilioni, Jr.
- Oliver Stone
- Jeremy Scahill
- U.S. Rep. Ron Paul
- U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie
- Professor Roderick Long
- Anthony Gregory
- Ivan Eland
- Jack Hunter
- Bonnie Kristian
- Sheldon Richman
- Shikha Dalmia
- Jacob Hornberger
- Carla Gericke
- Stefan Molyneux

The above radical anti-Israel and/or anti-Semitic speakers are dangerous to students because their own ideas about Jews and Israel are factually inaccurate and troublesome. How these speakers can claim to represent "liberty" is even more troubling.

Indoctrinating students with false information about Jews or Israel is intended as propaganda to take away liberties from certain groups in favor of preserving liberty for other groups. In short, the opposite of libertarianism.

On rare occasion, SFL has also featured a pro-Israel speakers. In addition to promoting anti-Semitism among its members, Students for Liberty also sanctions its "pro-liberty" students to advocate against Israel representing the SFL organization officially.

Allowing the most inaccurate historical myths about Jews to be propagated to young people is reprehensible. Students for Liberty: You need an education about the history of anti-Semitism, the founding of the state of Israel, and the building of a democracy in the Middle East in the face of world opposition.