The Sobibor Remembrance Project

The Death Camp Sobibor was one of the key centers for the extermination of European Jews.
In 2014, additional evidence was discovered regarding the gas chambers at Sobibor Death Camp.
The history of Sobibor is the theme of the memories of Thomas Blatt and Philip Bialowitz as well as the book
"Escape from Sobibor". In accordance with German plans at the very beginning of the occupation of Poland,
the Lublin district was intended to become the crux of the Generalgouvernement's agriculture. To modernize
the agriculture, a series of labor camps were established in Chelm district, including the following:

- Adampol
- Czerniejow
- Dorohusk
- Kamien
- Krychow
- Luta
- Nowosiolki
- Osowa
- Ruda Opalin
- Sajczyce
- Sawin
- Siedliszcze
- Sobibor village
- Staw-Sajczyce
- Tomaszowka
- Ujazdow
- Wlodawa
- Zmudz

These were the Sobibor sub-camps. The prisoners were forced to work around 10 hours per day. Many of the prisoners
died of starvation, typhus, and extreme labor. In several camps like Osowa and Sawin they were shot in mass executions.

Around 140,000 Jews from the Lublin district of Poland were deported to Sobibor. Jews from other parts of Europe -- especially
from Holland -- were also transported to Sobibor. HERE is a listing of transports to Sobibor Death Camp.

The uprising broke out on Sukkot -- October 14, 1943. The Jewish prisoners killed 12 German SS officers and 3 Ukrainian guards.
Over 360 people tried to escape. Jews were shot at by guards aiming at them from towers. Barbed wires surrounding the camp injured
the prisoners, and mines surrounding the camp killed them. 158 people died on that day. By 23 October, Germans captured and
killed the next 107 fugitives. Around 58 participants of the uprising survived the war. (Approximately 8 to 10 others escaped the camp prior
to the Sobibor uprising.) Their names are listed below so we can remember their heroism. The insurgents' sacrifices were not in
vain. After the uprising, the Sobibor Death Camp ceased to exist -- saving many other possible victims of the gas chambers.

Immediately after the escape, the Nazis covered up their crimes by burning the bodies at the camp, forcing Jews from another location
to come to the site to help conceal the crimes, eliminating evidence of the gas chambers, and planting trees on top of the key locations.
Nazi Werner Dubois, who was injured during the revolt, was cared for by Shulim Bresler, a dentist who had somehow been recaptured
by the S.S. after the revolt took place. An Austrian Jew named Karl Blau, who was at Treblinka, was transferred to Sobibor in
November 1943 with his wife Adele for the purpose of dismantling the Sobibor camp and covering up the crimes. Both committed suicide.
Nazi Franz Suchomel testified during the Sobibor Trial that their bodies were still dressed when found deceased in Camp III.

Some of the rebels in the camp who were involved in planning and carrying out the Sobibor uprising, but did not survive, include: Bresler,
Shaul Flajszhakier, Luka Poppert-Schoenborn, Berek Lichtman, Kapo Czapik (Czepik), and Joseph Jakobs from Holland.

Some of the Nazis at Sobibor Death Camp.

Nazis at Sobibor.

Funeral for the Nazis killed during the Sobibor revolt. Chelm, Oct. 1943.

A small portion of the ~250,000 victims of Sobibor are remembered here, here, and here. Today a rememberance museum exists at Sobibor.

Information about the perpetrators of the crimes against humanity at Sobibor is available here.

A layout (map) of the death camp is available here.

Below is a list the survivors of the uprising at Sobibor. Little is known about several of the survivors.
We are seeking to correct that so we can learn what happened to each and every survivor. Photos of the survivors are located HERE.

Please contact us if you have information on anyone listed below.
Those in bold text escaped from Sobibor before the October 1943 uprising.

Survivor NameBirth DataAfter the warAdditional notes
Antony BardachBorn May 16, 1909 in Lvov, Ukraine (migrated to France)Died 1959? in Belgium or France SEEKING INFORMATION
Fiszel BialowitzBorn 1925 in Izbica, PolandDied 2016 in FloridaTestimony available
Simcha BialowitzBorn Feb. 14, 1912 in Izbica, PolandDied Feb. 12, 2014 in Israel
Jacob BiskubiczBorn March 17, 1926 in Hrubieszow, PolandDied 2002 in Israel
Toivi BlattBorn April 15, 1927 in Izbica, PolandDied in 2015Testimony available
Moshe Bornsztejn (Bornstein)Born in Izbica, Poland?Died Aug. 13, 1993 in IsraelSEEKING INFORMATION
Hershel CukiermanBorn April 15, 1893 in Kurow, PolandDied July, 1979 in Irvington, New Jersey Testimony available
Josef Cukierman Born May 26, 1930 in Kurow, Poland Died June 15, 1963 in Germany
Leon Cymiel (Szymel/Szimel)Born Feb. 20, 1924 in Chelm; escaped in 1943Died after 1997 in Warsaw, PolandTestimony available
Josef DuniecBorn Dec. 21, 1912 in Rivne or Kiev, Ukraine (migrated to France)Died Dec. 1, 1965 in Haifa, Israel
Shlomo ElsterBorn Dec. 1, 1908 in Chelm, PolandDied March, 1992 in Rechovot, IsraelName incorrectly recorded as Schlomo Alster
Chaim EngelBorn Jan. 10, 1916 in Brudzew, PolandDied 2003 in Connecticut
Riwa FeldmanBorn Sept. 2, 1924 in Siedliszcze, PolandDied 2014 in AustraliaBecame Regina Zielinsky
Hela FelenbaumBorn Nov. 25, 1925 in Lublin, Poland)Died Dec., 1988 in Gedera, IsraelBecame Hella Weiss; Testimony available
Ada FiszerBorn Jan. 1, 1915 in Jaroslaw, PolandDied ~1994 in Holon, IsraelBecame Ada Lichtman; Testimony Available
Dov FreibergBorn May 15, 1927 in Warsaw, PolandDied 2008 in IsraelTestimony available
Josef FreitagBorn in 1923 in Wlodawa, PolandDied in IsraelListed per interview of the family
Herman GerstenbergBorn Oct. 8, 1909 in Chelm or LyubomlDied June 8, 1987 in Queens, New YorkChanged his name to Herman Posner
Mordechai GoldfarbBorn March 15, 1920 in Piaski, PolandDied June 8, 1984 in Haifa, IsraelNicknamed Wladek
Salomea HannelBorn in Ustrzyki Dolne, UkraineDeath data unconfirmed
Josef HerszmanBorn in 1925 in Zolkiewka, PolandDied 2005 in Israel
Moshe HochmanBorn in Zolkiewka, PolandDied 1989 in Montreal, Canada SEEKING INFORMATION - Testimony available
Zyndel HonigmanBorn April 10, 1910 in Kiev, UkraineDied July 1989 in New Jersey
Zelda KelbermanBorn May 1, 1925 in Siedliszcze, PolandDied 1980 in New JerseyBecame Zelda Metz
Abram Kohn Born July 25, 1910 in Lodz/Piontek, PolandDied 1985 in Australia
Chaim KorenfeldBorn May 15, 1923 in Izbica, PolandDied Aug. 13, 2002 in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Chaim LeistBorn bet. 1906 and 1911 in Zolkiewka, PolandDied Oct., 2005 in Holon, Israel
Shmuel LererBorn Oct. 1, 1922 in Zolkiewka, PolandDied 2016 in New JerseyTestimony available
Yehuda "Atleta" LernerBorn July 22, 1926 in Warsaw, PolandDied 2007 in Israel
Yitzchak LichtmanBorn Dec. 10, 1908 in Zolkiewka, PolandDied 1992 in Holon, Israel
Yefim Chaim LitwinowskiBorn 1921-1922 in Kuybyshev, RussiaDied 1994 in Samara (Kuybyshev)
Abraham MarguliesBorn Jan. 25, 1921 in Zyrardow, PolandDied 1984 in Israel
Semion MazurkiewiczBorn 1913 in Russia Died 1997 in IsraelSEEKING INFORMATION
Chaskel MencheBorn Jan. 7, 1910 in Kolo, PolandDied 1984 in Melbourne, Australia
Moszek Merensztajn Born Jan. 15, 1899 in Gorzkow, PolandDied Dec., 1985 in Forest Hills, New York
Sasha PecherskyBorn Feb. 22, 1909 in Kremenchuk, UkraineDied Jan., 1990 in Rostov, RussiaTestimony available (in Russian)
Josef Pelc (Joseph Peltz)Born Sept. 15, 1910 in Izbica; escaped in 1942 by cutting a fenceDied July, 1980 in Milwaukee, WisconsinReferenced as "carpenter from Tyszowce"
Naum Plotnicki (Plotnicky)Born 1913 in Belarus?Died in IsraelChanged his name to Chaim Plotnikow
Shlomo PodchlebnikBorn Feb. 15, 1907 in Kolo, PolandDied 1973 in Vineland, New JerseyChanged his name to Solomon Paull
Chaim PowroznikBorn in 1911 in Lyuboml, UkraineIsraelReferenced as "carpenter from Chelm"
Laja ReisnerBorn in Izbica, PolandIsraelBecame Lea Bialowitz
Ajzik RotenbergBorn 1925 in Wlodawa, PolandMurdered 1994 in IsraelTestimony available; Murdered by terrorists
Hazem Kassem Shbair and Musa Salam Atia
Simeon RozenfeldBorn Oct. 1, 1922 in Ternivka, UkraineSTILL LIVING (Tel Aviv)
Josef Serchuk (Serczuk)Born in 1919 in Chelm, PolandDied in 1993 in IsraelSEEKING INFORMATION
Pejsach SpodekBorn Oct. 20, 1916 in Zamosc; escaped in 1942 by hiding in laundry cartDied July 3, 1988 in Copenhagen, DenmarkNicknamed Zelman; listed per interview of the family
Moshe Szklarek (Szkalek) Born July 19, 1927 in Plock, PolandDied Nov., 2002 in IsraelChanged his name to Moshe Bahir (Bachir)
Ulla SternBorn Aug. 28, 1926 in Hessen, Germany (migrated to Holland)Died in Ashdod, IsraelBecame Ilana Safran; Testimony available
Stanislaw SzmajznerBorn March 13, 1927 in Pulawy, PolandDied March 3, 1989 in Goiania, BrazilTestimony available (in Portuguese)
Boris Taborinski (Tabarinskiy) Born in 1917 in Slonim, BelarusDied after 1988 in MinskTestimony available (in Russian)
Esther TernerBorn June 11, 1922 in Siedliszcze, PolandDied 2015 in New JerseyBecame Esther Raab
Kurt TichoBorn April 11, 1914 in Brno, MoraviaDied June 8, 2009 in Columbus, OhioChanged his name to Kurt Thomas; Testimony available
Israel Trager (Treger)Born March 5, 1906 in Chelm, PolandDied Aug. 1, 1969 in Tel Aviv, IsraelTestimony available
Alexei Wajcen (Weizen)Born May 30, 1922 in Grigoriw, RussiaDied 2015 in Ryazan, Russia
Abraham WangBorn Jan. 2, 1921 in Izbica, PolandDied 1978 in Rehovot, Israel
Arkady WajspapierBorn in 1921 in Bobrowyj Kut, RussiaSTILL LIVING (Donetsk)Testimony available
Kalmen Wewryk (Wewrik)Born June 25, 1906 in Chelm, Poland Died in CanadaTestimony available
Selma WijnbergBorn May 15, 1922 in Groningen, HollandSTILL LIVINGBecame Selma Engel; Testimony available
Meir ZissBorn Nov. 15, 1927 in PolandDied in Israelaka Berel Ziss; SEEKING INFORMATION

Survivor NameBirth DataAfter the warAdditional notes
Boris Cybulski (Tsibulski/Cibulski)Born 1907-1910 in Donbas or Rivne, UkraineDeath data unconfirmedNumerous accounts say he was killed as a partisan
but data from his son Nikolai is that he made it to Russia
Lejb DreszerBorn ~1931 in ZolkiewkaDisappeared in Oct. 1943
Leon FeldhendlerBorn 1910 in Zolkiewka, PolandMurdered in 1945 in LublinReferred to as "Baruch" by Sasha Pechersky
Kitty "Cathy" GokkesBorn Sept. 1, 1923 in The Hague, HollandDied in Sept., 1944 in Parczew ForestsName often incorrectly recorded as Katty Gokkes
Josef KopfNative of BilgorajMurdered in 1944 in Bilgoraj
Fred KostmanBorn ~1922 in KrakowMurdered on April 23, 1944Murdered by Marcin Bojarski
Aron LichtBorn in Izbica, PolandMurdered in 1944 between
Tarzymiechy and Ostrzyca, Poland
Pesia LiebermanBorn 1916 in Chelm; escaped in 1942 with 2 Jews and 2 Ukrainian guards***Murdered Dec. 1942 near Olchowiec
Shmuel MachlesBorn in Wlodawa; escaped in 1942 by hiding in bushesMurdered before 1945SEEKING INFORMATION
Gertrude Schonborn PoppertBorn 1914 in Dortmund, GermanyDisappeared in Oct. 1943Nicknamed Luka
Walter Schwarz Born ~1910 in CzechoslovakiaDisappeared
David Serchuk (Sirczuk)Born in Chelm, PolandMurdered in 1948 in LublinSEEKING INFORMATION
Zvi SobelmanBorn circa 1929 in Holeszow, PolandKilled in 1948 in IsraelAlso called Dov Sobelman
Alexander ShubayevBorn in 1917 in Chasawjurt, RussiaMurdered in 1944 in UkraineNicknamed Kalimali
Szamai Treberman (Treiberman)From Wlodawa; escaped in 1942 by hiding in bushesMurdered before 1945SEEKING INFORMATION
Shmuel WajcenBorn ~1927 in Chodorow (Khodoriv), UkraineMurdered
Ruth unknownBorn in NetherlandsDied in 1944 in Parczew ForestsSEEKING INFORMATION

** Pesia Lieberman escaped on Dec. 25,1942 in the evening, with Ukrainian guards Viktor
Kisilew and Emil Zischer, and two unidentified Jews. The Ukrainians were armed so Lieberman
went with them after the two unarmed Jews went separately. Five days later they were betrayed
by a farmer while hiding in the village of Kozia Gora, Gmina Wierzbica,
near Chelm, Poland. They were surrounded in a village hut and were killed in a shootout by
three Polish police officers: Misnerowiec, Piescikowski and Kwiatkowski.

Survivor NameBirth DataAfter the warAdditional notes
Ruchla AjberBorn in 1923 in Wlodawa, PolandDied 2010 in IllinoisBecame Rachel Birnbaum; Testimony available
David BegleibterBorn in Zamosc, PolandIsraelSEEKING INFORMATION
Shlomo BubisBorn in Dubienka, PolandIsraelSEEKING INFORMATION
Jakub Srul FajgenbaumBorn 1900 in Chelm, PolandIsraelSEEKING INFORMATION
Moshe HonigBorn in Maciejowice, PolandDied in Bytom, PolandSEEKING INFORMATION
Michael "Mikhail" IckowiczBorn 1922 in Izbica??SEEKING INFORMATION
Nikolai MalchovRussia? ?SEEKING INFORMATION
Yankel Pozycki (or Porzecki or Prozansky or Brezicki?)Born ~1890 in Warsaw?SEEKING INFORMATION
Motel ResselsBorn in Dubienka, PolandChedera, IsraelSEEKING INFORMATION
unknown Szeftel (Sheftel)Born in Wlodawa, Poland?SEEKING INFORMATION
Fajwel Szwiec Born 1920 in Pinsk, BelarusIsrael?Listed per Sasha Pechersky's book
Berl WaksBorn in Izbica, Poland?SEEKING INFORMATION
Yurek unknownBorn in Hrubieszow, Poland?SEEKING INFORMATION