The Sobibor Remembrance Project: Photographs

Mostly unidentified escapees. Includes Abraham Margules and Hella Felenbaum.
Please get in touch if you can identify anyone in the photo.

Former Soviet prisoners of war -- Jews who were in Sobibor and who had originated in Russia.
A gathering in memory of the uprising. Pictured (left to right): Jefim Litwinowsky, Arkady Wayspapir,
Alexander Pechersky, Alexei Waytzen, Niam Plotnicki, Simeon Rozenfeld.

A gathering of survivors of the Sobibor extermination camp, together with Soviet residents of Rostov, Russia.
Photographed on October 14, 1968, the 25th anniversary of the Sobibor camp uprising.

Russian POWs, former members of the underground of the Sobibor extermination camp.

Russian POWs, Sobibor survivors, with family members. Photographed on October 14, 1968.

40th anniversary of the uprising and escape. In the photo: Michael Lev (seated on the left) and
Aleksandr Pechersky (standing). Photographed on October 14, 1983. .

David Serchuk, Moshe Sklarek Bahir (center), and (not confirmed) Josef Serchuk.

Partisans, some of whom escaped from Sobibor. Includes Shmuel Szmajzner (back, 2nd from left),
who was in a partisan unit in Russia. Others are not yet identified.

Zindel Honigman is one of under 10 men who escaped from Sobibor prior to the uprising of October, 1943.
He escaped initially, and then was captured and sent back to Sobibor. He then escaped again. Not only were there
anti-Jewish forces surrounding Sobibor and in watch towels, but there were also triple lines of barbed fencing, and
a minefield 50 feet wide surrounding the camp. Zindel's wife Betty survived through a small hole in a train car
destined for Sobibor, which she pushed her young daughter Fella out of and then exited it herself.

Chaim and Selma Engel, both Sobibor uprising survivors.