Simon Wiesenthal Center's List of Most-Wanted Nazis

Below is the list of the Simon Wiesenthal Center's most-wanted Nazis in 2015. They are:

1. Gerhard Sommer -- Germany (Italy) -- massacre of hundreds of civilians in Sant'Anna di Stazzema
2. Vladimir Katriuk -- Canada (Belarus) -- murder of Jews and non-Jews in various locations
3. Alfred Stark -- Germany (Greece) -- murder of Italian prisoners of war in Kefalonia
4. Johann Robert Riss -- Germany (Italy) -- murder of civilians near Padule di Fucecchio
5. X -- Denmark (Belarus) -- murder of Jews in Bobruisk
6. Y -- Germany (Auschwitz) -- accessory to murder of Hungarian Jews
7. Z -- Norway (Poland and Ukraine) -- murder of Jews in various locations
8. Oskar Groening -- Germany (Auschwitz) -- accessory to murder of Hungarian Jews
9. Algimantas Dailide -- Germany (Lithuania) -- arrested Jews and Poles executed by Nazis and Lithuanian security police
10. Helmut Oberlander -- Canada (Ukraine) -- served in Einstazkommando 10a (part of Einsatzgruppe D, which murdered an estimated 23,000 mostly Jewish civilians)

Additionally, the author of this page is interested in the whereabouts of the following Nazi criminals:

1. Hans Perschon, who operated the gas chambers at Majdanek Death Camp
2. Lorenz Hackenholt, who developed and operated the gas chambers at Belzec Death Camp
3. Hermann Michel, believed to be in Egypt; who convinced Jews to enter the gas chambers at Belzec Death Camp
4. Paul Groth, who raped Jewish women and brutally oversaw the Sobibor Death Camp

Please contact us if you have data on the whereabouts of these Nazis.