Weissenburger Family Genealogy

The Weissenburger family was Roman Catholic. The family resided in Lauterbourg, Bas Rhin, Alsace, France. Lauterbourg's population in 1792 was 1964. It has a present-day population of 2372.

The surname Weissenburger likely has one of two origins: 1) Weissen is white and burger was the status name for a freeman of a borough (member of its governing council) or 2) Weissen is white and burger could be someone who originated in a place called "Berg".

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Surnames of those in my direct ancestral line appear in BOLD

Descendants of Jean Pierre Weissenburger

1 Jean Pierre Weissenburger b: unknown d: Nov. 5, 1705 in Lauterbourg, France
...+ Maria Eva Hellig b: unknown d: April 15, 1713 in Lauterbourg
........... 2 Maria Eva Weissenburger b: Nov. 13, 1667 in Lauterbourg d: unknown
................+ Pierre Schaeffer b: Abt. 1662 in unknown m: April 20, 1693 in Lauterbourg d: March 12, 1733 in Lauterbourg
................ [For additional information on this line, click here]

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