The Precarious Liberation of the Janiszow Forced Labor Camp

Below is an article that appeared in the fall 2002 edition of Yad Vashem's Magazine. It outlines an amazing heroic partisan effort to free Jewish slave laborers from a camp in Janiszow, Poland.

Janiszow is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Annopol, within Krasnik County. It is located a little south of Annopol.

Additional information about Janiszow (Yanishov) is available here.

Janiszow Camp Survivors:

- Hillel Borenstein
- Marian Grynbaum Burstein
- Abraham Ehrenberg
- Sol Feigenbaum
- Aron Fellenbaum
- Gary Flumenbaum
- Martin Fishbein
- Sam Frost
- Morris Greenbaum
- Sam Gruengold
- Josef Krystal
- Gershon Lebenbaum
- Adam Luxemberg
- Michael Marder
- Hersh Morenfeld
- Henry Nusbaum (video testimony)
- Jonas Steinberg
- Milton Steinbock
- Tsvi Tsayner

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